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Taylor Herring – Shining Example For All Businesses

By September 20, 2012Blog
ways to provide excellent customer experience

When I was asked by Taylor Herring, PR gods, to do a radio day for their client, UKTV, I had no idea the experience would be as pleasurable as it was, but I did get the immediate distinct feeling that they would look after me.  That’s exactly what every customer or client of yours wants to feel.  It’s the very thing that turns prospects into clients/customers, and clients and customers into long-term loyal clients/customers and fans.

From the outset, their communications were clear, effective and efficient.  At one point within the first few days, they even bothered to drop me an email to remind me that they hadn’t forgotten about me.  This is very much my style but not something I experience that often with others.  I can tell you, it was greatly appreciated and I let them know so.

In this day and age, sometimes we are so far removed from our clients that we need to work that bit harder to maintain a connection.  There are so many distractions in this technologically advancing world and so many competitors, that we need to ensure that our prospects and customers remember us.  We can do that through social media, newsletters, blogs, emails and telephone calls, if not via face-to-face contact.  Letting people know that you remember them and care about them is vital for your business’ success.

Taylor Herring are PR experts based in London, I’m a “relationship expert” based in Manchester – you could say it was a match made in relationship heaven, but it could have been very different.  They could have been stuffy, pretentious and arrogant as so many people can be these days, but they weren’t.  As I told one of them yesterday as I was getting ready to leave them, they were an absolute pleasure to work with and we chuckled that it was because they were “normal and nice”.  So true!  They were!  It’s pretty much the reason I had SUCH a wonderful time with them whilst in London for the radio day.  Throughout my time in London they ensured that I was fed, well-rested, prepped, chauffeured, comfortable and happy at all times.  Before and after my visit to London, they maintained this level of care through attentive text messages, phone calls and emails.

It was the little things that they did that made all the difference.  The same can be said for the recording studio we were in.

It’s the little gestures that speak so loudly, just as is the case with personal relationships.  Business relationships and personal relationships work on many of the same principles; it’s vital to remember that for the success of your business when trying to create highly successful customer relationships.

What little gestures can you add in to your current processes that will provide your customers and clients with an excellent customer experience?  What can you do to make each customer and client feel special, feel valued, feel important?

If you want some help, hire me.

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