Research demonstrates that positive relationships help us to be happier, healthier and live longer, and living in the midst of high-conflict relationships is very bad for our health. So, clearly, addressing your relationship issues is vital for your health and happiness.

Through relationship coaching I help my clients improve, or make a decision about, a significant relationship that is affecting their happiness and sometimes even their health, or deal with the fall-out of a break-up or divorce.

Improving your relationship, or making the right decision about it, can also have a knock-on effect on other areas in your life such as your self-image, self-esteem, health, fitness, well-being, career, hobbies, and other relationships.

Why you’re here

You’re likely considering relationship help for one or more of the below reasons, although this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • You’re feeling disconnected as romantic partners and there’s a lack of effort in the relationship.
  • You’re concerned about your relationship with your children.
  • You and your partner have drifted apart after children.
  • Other people (e.g. in-laws, friends) are disrupting what you once had.
  • Your partner’s behaviour has become unusual, aggressive or abusive.
  • Financial concerns are killing your romance.
  • You and your partner don’t agree on child-rearing methods.
  • You’re struggling with you relationship with one or both of your parents.
  • You’re struggling to reconnect as a couple since your children left you with an ’empty nest’.
  • You need a better strategy for a business relationship.
  • An important friendship is in need of help.
  • You need help dealing with a break-up or divorce, whether it happened recently or a while ago.

You can come for relationship help alone to work on things on your own, together as two people, or use a combination of individual and ‘couples’ sessions which also works great, whatever the nature of your relationship.

I help people improve relationships, by resolving issues at the root cause so that they create lasting change. I help clients to achieve big changes, quickly. I usually help them to achieve their coaching goals in  just 3-6 sessions, many in 3-4, results you’d usually expect to achieve after a much lengthier counselling/therapy program.

I also help people manage the divorce or break-up process in a handful of sessions, helping them to deal with their grief, anxiety, depression, repetitive negative thoughts, communications with their ex, co-parenting strategies, and more.

My relationship coaching is proactive, science-based, solution-focused, compassionate, non-judgmental and uplifting.

You set the agenda for your sessions.

I use a combination of skilful questioning, sharing expert insights, using my intuition, and suggesting tasks/strategies that will help you to make fast progress – practical steps you’re happy to utilise that will help you to achieve your goals; they’re usually easy and sometimes fun.

A little bit about me

I’m a Mancunian born and bred, I love helping people, and I’ve been coaching clients in my private practice for over 8 years.

I’ve coached CEO’s, managing directors, small business owners, police staff, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, HR professionals, housewives, counsellors, corporate executives, ex-athletes, a renowned scientist, solicitors, and many, many more titles.

I am a BBC contributor, I frequently work as an expert for big brands and media, and am the published author of these popular self-help books on relationships and mental health: Resilient Me; Anxiety Free; Happy Relationships.

Get help with your relationship

Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with someone significant in your life, or make an important decision about it, get in touch with your questions or simply buy a package to get started. Both Skype and face-to-face options are available.  Thank you for considering me and I look forward to helping you.

Improve your relationship now

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Relationship coach, dating coach, confidence coach, anxiety coach, and published author of 'Resilient Me', 'Anxiety Free' and 'Happy Relationships', Sam Owen
Get started. Buy Skype coaching, here.
Get started. Buy face-to-face coaching, here.

Relationship Problems – Symptoms

  • Worried you’re drifting apart
  • Anxiety and/or depression symptoms
  • Lacking intimacy (emotional, physical, sexual)
  • Lacking good communication
  • Frequently arguing
  • Betrayal of some sort, emotional or physical
  • Differing goals

What You’ll Achieve With This Relationship Help

  • Self-awareness
  • Good communication and less conflict
  • Better intimacy (emotional, physical, sexual)
  • Achieve and maintain solidarity
  • Improved mental health, well-being and resilience
  • Achieve your relationship goals or walk away in peace
  • Improved self-esteem and self-worth

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Get started. Buy Skype coaching, here.
Get started. Buy face-to-face coaching, here.

What Clients Are Saying

Coaching Client:

‘My husband and I were living different lives! We didn’t get along as partners and we didn’t get along as family! So I decided it was time to seek for help or go separate ways…my husband says that Sam was the best thing that could happen to our family!’

Coaching Client:

‘I can’t thank you enough, Sam. Now I have a husband who loves me again and understands that I love him. Each day I wake up happy to be in our partnership, and better able to do what we wanted in the first place, which is to provide the best possible home life for our children.’

Coaching Client:

‘Things have been great at home as (hubby) has made a real effort and I have too. Things are happier with kids too and I have less pressure on myself too. I was a little apprehensive when I initially contacted you but so glad I did. Thank you very much for all your help…You are brilliant at what you do.’

Coaching Client:

‘Just wanted to thank you for all your help this year (2015), I feel like this year has been a real transformation for me and you’ve had a lot to do with that.’

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Get started. Buy Skype coaching, here.
Get started. Buy face-to-face coaching, here.

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