Happy Relationships

7 Simple Rules to Create Harmony and Growth

4 Weeks to a Happier Us

The third book in the trilogy after Resilient Me and Anxiety Free

Science-backed self-help book to help you improve any relationship in your life, whether your partner, parent, friend, colleague or business associate.

OUT DEC 5th 2019

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About Happy Relationships

Happy Relationships delivers an expert programme that returns joy to any troubled relationship in your life, be it with a partner, colleague or loved one. Acclaimed life coach and speaker, Sam Owen, calmly guides us through effective strategies for overcoming issues in our relationships, from the trigger points to the joyous moments. She offers solutions and practical advice on:

• How to establish a solid friendship foundation  • How to communicate well  • How to nurture a close bond  • How to nourish your well-being and self-worth  • How to change bad relationship habits into good ones  • How to solve your relationship problems

From arguments to intimacy, self-care to communication, this engaging and practical guide will ensure you only surround
yourself with happy, healthy relationships. In just four weeks your relationship can be in a much better place.

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