Relationship Expert, TV Psychologist, TV Expert, and 3 x Published Author

Sam Owen is a leading relationship coach and life coach, frequently sought by international mainstream media and big brands for her expertise.

For the past 12 years Sam Owen has made regular appearances for BBC TV and BBC Radio, as well as appearing for ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Cosmopolitan, OK!, Elle, Grazia, Red, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, The Independent, The Telegraph, AirTalk LA, The New Zealand Herald, Glam Adelaide, and many more. She has worked for many high profile brands, and is the published author of three popular self-help books.


Since 2012 Sam has been employed by major brands for PR campaigns, including HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Netflix, Bayer, Hinge, Kimberly Clark, The Telegraph, Hallmark, Kenco, Freeview, Morrisons, Elite Singles, Cotton USA, UKTV, Twofour, ScotRail, and many other big names.

As examples of work for brands, Sam Owen was recently Hinge’s first ever UK relationship expert working for six months as their spokesperson and more; has filmed an eight-part video series for The Telegraph; consulted behind the scenes for a well known dating series for Twofour; has conducted radio days for UKTV, HSBC, Kimberly Clark, and many other high profile clients; represented Andrex at round table meetings; has written advice articles for the likes of Cotton USA, Hallmark and many more, and was ‘partner psychologist’ for six months for Elite Singles (UK, IE, AU, NZ, CA & SA).


In addition to sharing expertise on BBC Breakfast several times since 2013 and on ITV’s This Morning, in 2019 Sam also appeared in the BBC Ideas video ‘How to fix your relationship – and when to stop trying’. In 2020, Sam featured in each episode of the six-part Virtual Dates mini series on BBC’s The One Show, giving practical and science-backed advice to daters in each episode. She also appeared on two episodes of  Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, in November and December 2020, discussing how to have difficult conversations with family and friends and how to deal with and discuss miscarriage, respectively. In February 2021, she featured in the Channel 5 documentary, Princess Anne: The 7 Loves Of Her Life, giving expert insights.


Sam Owen’s first book of three with Orion Publishing/Hachette – Resilient Me: How to worry less and achieve more – was published November 2017 and is a practical guide to building everyday resilience in just 4 weeks. A research-based, easy, enjoyable read to help you overcome challenges in any area of life and achieve your important life goals. Her second book Anxiety Free: How to trust yourself and feel calm (published November 2018) has been extremely popular and continues to be, and shows readers her unique approach to resolving anxiety completely in a few minutes or weeks. The third book, Happy Relationships: 7 simple rules to create harmony and growth (published December 2019) also garnered great media publicity and helps people to nurture any significant relationship in their life, romantic or platonic.

  • ‘She writes with a natural, warm yet authoritative manner’ – Orion Publishing
  • ‘I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the book. I really found it incredibly powerful and it will be a must-have addition to my bookshelf.’ – Review
  • Last year I read countless non-fiction mental health books, not just as a sufferer of anxiety but as a practitioner too. Sam’s book is hands down one of the best I have read, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.’ – Review


Sam has also delivered keynote speeches at TEDx Warwickshire, Red magazine’s Red Smart Women Week, Huddersfield Literature Festival, and for 150 senior managers in NHS England as well as for senior managers within the Greater Manchester police, fire and NHS services, and more.

Unique, Talented, Compassionate

Sam Owen is frequently in the media offering her unique, solution-focused and science-backed insights to help people improve their relationships with others and themselves, including their mental health.

She is passionate about using powerful solutions to address both age-old problems and the modern relationship challenges we now face as a rapidly evolving society.

Sam’s unique approach has seen her help clients achieve their relationship goals, mental health goals and other personal goals, usually in just 2-6 coaching sessions, many in just 2-3). The testimonials, though only a fraction of Sam’s happy clients, speak for her. Most notably, Sam helps clients achieve results that people have traditionally achieved after a much lengthier counselling or psychotherapy programme and is one of the things that really astounds many of her clients.

Sam is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Association for Coaching (AC) and holds a Psychology BSc (Hons) degree, a Diploma in Life Coaching, and a Certificate in Counselling Skills. Before starting her coaching practice in 2012, Sam’s experience includes counselling inmates at the high security male prison, HMP Manchester (Strangeways) and volunteering for the Samaritans.

Hire Sam Owen

Sam Owen is a natural and knowledgeable host, upbeat, sincere, friendly and down-to-earth. Many say she is made for TV. She has interviewed people around Europe as a Relationships Correspondent® and Dating Correspondent® and published the interviews on her YouTube channel.

Sam is hired by some of the most prestigious PR agencies to assist with campaigns for big national and international brands. She is experienced in conducting radio days, attending round table meetings, writing articles, informing strategies, and delivering keynote speeches as a relationship expert and psychologist, and is always highly praised for her talent, professionalism and knowledge.

Sam Owen is very adept at reading body language and other forms of non-verbal communication. She is highly intuitive, great at working to strict and last minute deadlines, and is respectful, humble, confident and warm.

Sam loves to travel and is available for work worldwide.

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