As your confidence coach I will help you to either (a) increase your confidence for a specific upcoming event, such as a presentation, new job role, or wedding speech, or (b) improve your confidence and self-esteem in general, depending on what you’re looking for and need.

If you feel your low self-esteem is hindering your mental health, happiness and life goals such as your career, health, fitness, and social and relationship goals, then my confidence coaching will help you to make fundamental changes that create healthy self-esteem and confidence over time.

As a confidence coach, I help clients who have suffered with self-esteem issues for most of their life as well as those who’ve only recently experienced a downturn in their confidence and/or self-esteem. And perhaps you’ve tried other therapies that helped for a while or didn’t help at all and so now you’re searching for something that will create a lasting change.

Here are a few examples of challenges I have helped with as a confidence coach, do any of them resonate with you?

  • Difficult past and/or present relationships with parents from childhood and/or adulthood
  • Unhealthy past and/or present romantic relationships
  • Problematic relationships with family or friends
  • Processing a partner’s affair
  • Conflict at work
  • A sudden loss of job or career
  • Dealing with ’empty nest syndrome’
  • Dealing with chronic anxiety
  • Dealing with depression, whether clinically diagnosed or self-diagnosed
  • Grieving the loss of someone due to death or divorce and feeling unlike your prior self
  • Feeling incompetent for a performance of some kind, e.g. presentation, speech or interview
  • Feeling ill equipped for a new role at work

Some of my confidence coaching clients have achieved confidence and even healthy self-esteem at a remarkable speed. It’s all about what you do.


How it works

I will help you to:

  • Process the past in such a way that it stops affecting your future, no matter how traumatic those past experiences were or from how long ago.
  • Identify and eliminate the situations and people that are undermining your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Use your brain to your advantage so that you can put distressing past experiences to bed so that they no longer affect your present.
  • Change your incessantly negative thoughts that sabotage your confidence and self-esteem, changing all aspects of your life for the better.
  • Rewire your brain for healthy habits that continuously reinforce your worth and your confidence for ongoing healthy self-esteem and confidence.

Working on your self-esteem and confidence through coaching can transform every area of your life including your relationships, career, resilience, and daily well-being because it changes how you feel about yourself and therefore, how you behave and how others perceive you.

When working as a confidence coach, I help most clients in 2-6 sessions, usually 2-3 for confidence help, 3-6 for self-esteem help.

I will help you to resolve issues at the root cause, produce quick and lasting change, and help you to sustain your healthy confidence and self-esteem.

I tend to see clients Tuesdays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm (UK time) to accommodate most time zones.

Before you start I will provide you with a questionnaire so that you can give me a brief overview of your situation and what you want to achieve through coaching, plus specific guidance on how to get the most out of each coaching session and the coaching journey.

You’ll set the agenda for your sessions, directing your sessions and life to where you want them to go, and I will of course help. To help you quickly, I will use a combination of skillful questioning, sharing expert insights into your unique situation, using my intuition, and suggesting tasks/strategies that will help you to make quick progress.

Simple exercises will be a crucial part of your progress but you will only undertake exercises you’re happy to utilise that will help you to achieve your goals; and they’re usually easy and sometimes fun too!

As a confidence coach my style is compassionate, non-judgmental, intuitive, proactive, science-based, solution-focused, and empowering (testimonials here).


A bit about me

I love helping people and I’ve been coaching clients for 10 years in my private practice. I frequently work as an expert for big brands and media, and am the published author of these popular self-help books on mental health and relationships: Resilient Me; Anxiety Free; Happy Relationships.

I’ve coached CEO’s, managing directors, small business owners, police staff, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, HR professionals, housewives, counsellors, corporate executives, ex-athletes, a renowned scientist, solicitors, and many, many more titles.

I’ve worked with clients all over the globe including in the UK, mainland Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.


Get help from a confidence coach

Improve your confidence in one particular area of your life, or increase your confidence or self-esteem in general, as well as your inner calm and happiness, with confidence coaching.

Buy a coaching package to get started and I will be in touch to arrange your first session.

Coaching is available via Skype video globally and face-to-face in Wilmslow, SK9 1AA, locally.

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Relationship coach, dating coach, confidence coach, anxiety coach, and published author of 'Resilient Me', 'Anxiety Free' and 'Happy Relationships', Sam Owen
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Symptoms of Low Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Feeling insecure and anxious
  • Avoiding situations due to feelings of insecurity
  • Being afraid to share thoughts and emotions with others
  • Often needing the approval of others
  • Feel affected by your parental relationships
  • Feel down-trodden because of romantic relationships
  • Overly blaming yourself for other people’s behaviours
  • Frequently sabotaging relationships and/or career goals

How Confidence Coaching Helps

  • Discover the root cause of your low self-esteem/confidence
  • Identify unhealthy relationships that are sabotaging you
  • Change unhealthy habits that are hindering you
  • Raise your self-esteem/confidence
  • Experience fewer negative emotions, daily
  • Have more positive emotions and resilience, daily
  • More easily build and nurture new relationships
  • Make better decisions and reach your goals more easily

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What Clients Are Saying

Coaching Client:

‘I had never considered discussing the way I felt with anyone other than my nearest and dearest and I was not at all sure what to expect from coaching. Sam instantly won my confidence with her professionalism and clarity, and made me feel immediately at ease. She helped me to discover and identify some of my thought processes and behaviours which were driving my lack of self-confidence. She guided me, without leading or prompting, through the course of working things out for myself in a comfortable and open manner. I have developed an entirely new insight into myself and some solid action steps which are helping me in all aspects of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend Sam to anybody looking for support or guidance, and I can testify that her skill and expertise can truly transform anybody who is willing to change.’

Coaching Client:

‘I contacted Sam a few months ago after finding myself stuck in a rut and not really knowing which direction to turn in. Sam helped me see things more clearly and gave me really good advice and guidance. I had two sessions face to face with Sam as well as a lot of email interaction which was nice as it felt she was with me every step of the way. I feel she has helped me get on the right track to living a more satisfied life, but if I ever feel myself slipping it is comforting to know she is there to help. Highly recommended.’

Coaching Client:

‘I had 3 coaching sessions with Sam. Sam has been fantastic, great listener, very sympathetic and gave me practical advice on dating/ relationships. Each session gave me goals / objectives. As a result I feel more positive and confident, my work and general outlook has improved, I am not stressed about future. I feel I will achieve my dreams / goals. I have no hesitation in recommending Sam.’

Coaching Client:

‘I found Sam’s website online after searching for a confidence coach in dating and relationships. I felt pretty apprehensive at the start but very early into the first session Sam made me feel completely at ease. She really helped me to get to the bottom of my problems and understand the reasons for my anxiety and low confidence, and then provided techniques in order to help me overcome them. It was refreshing to learn about how there were actual ways to overcome these feelings rather than just having to learn to live with them – as i’ve previously been led to believe. Not only did she help me to become more aware of myself, but she also taught me ways that i could use self love to my advantage and begin to feel confident in who i was. Those closest to me have also realised a bit of a change in me. I can’t thank Sam enough, and if i find myself if the same situation in the future, i know she’s the woman for the job!’

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Get started. Buy face-to-face coaching, now.

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