Coaching Client Testimonials

‘Sam was fantastic in helping me to gain confidence and a better understanding of myself and what I was looking for on an individual basis and together with my partner we had couples counselling which really helped us to communicate better and supported us in ultimately reconciling rather than splitting.  Without Sam’s support I don’t think we’d be together.’

Coaching Client

‘My son recommended Sam to me. I needed help identifying why my emotions would swing from one extreme to another. I had been finding it extremely difficult to trust my emotions and therefore the resulting decision-making as it would change drastically. I often felt stuck in the wrong marriage with the wrong person, unable to really feel like me. But then the next day I would feel such intense feelings of contentment that I didn’t know which emotion was real. I didn’t know whether to stay in my marriage or go and risk regretting it.

‘After just two sessions I feel much clearer. I understand why my feelings change. I feel confident to make a decision. And this is so important when making life-changing decisions! I feel I can finally move forward. I may need help from Sam in the future but for now I know where I am going. It might prove hard but that’s fine if I know I’m heading in the right direction.

‘I found Sam to be warm and easy to talk to. She understood me and my ramblings quickly. She clarified my thoughts and made sense of me. She was wonderful and I would highly recommend her. I am so grateful for the help she has given me and I feel safe and reassured that I can return in the future if and when I need a little help.

‘Thank you Sam!’

Coaching Client

‘Sam has a compassionate and effective coaching style. Her decisive approach helped to feel more emotionally independent and grounded. Sam provided lifetime creative tools that encouraged me to increase clarity, to focus on the solutions for my well-being, while actively contributing to making healthy choices, cultivating self-worth and setting boundaries that match with my standards, needs, priorities and vision.

‘I feel more confident in my ability to recognise patterns and red flags that could potentially lead to self-sabotage and self-punishment in my relationships.

‘I feel empowered, more patient with myself, more disciplined and motivated.

‘Sam reminded me that the only way to rise above our wounds is practising resilience everyday.

‘Thank you Sam for your dedication, for your inspiration, support and affection.’

Coaching Client

‘When we met Sam we were having a relationship and communication breakdown with my in-laws. The stress this was putting us under was starting to negatively impact on our relationship as a couple and the wider family dynamic. Sam coached us in just two sessions to have a complete change of approach to the relationship with them which is now going from strength to strength (something I could never have imagined!). We struggle to believe that a month ago we would actively avoid seeing them and now we invite them to stay! Thank you so much.’

Coaching Client

‘I found Sam’s details on a list of top relationship coaches on an American website. I was particularly drawn to her profile because of her professional qualifications and certain areas of specialism. Making contact, arranging sessions proved to be very easy, no drama – all done in a friendly and efficient manner which gave me confidence.

‘Sam has since proven herself to be invaluable to my peace of mind as I try to navigate a difficult issue in a relationship that I care very much about – Sam has not just been a great bouncing board for ideas and to allow me stress test how I intended approaching the issue (through my endless permutations of how my actions might be perceived/what reaction to them there might be!) but gave me:

a) very practical guidance as to specific things I might try;

b) things to think about in how to approach the situation; and

c) the confidence to feel I was making the right decisions and to stay patient.

‘All of the above was delivered in a very professional, friendly and good natured manner. Despite there being a gap between sessions of some weeks I was also particularly impressed by Sam’s ability to recall things I had mentioned only in passing in the previous session (no notes taken) again indicating that Sam was genuinely interested in trying to assist, properly listened to, and engaged with, the issue.

‘Thank you, Sam, for all of your help and for anybody reading this I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam.’

Coaching Client

‘I found Sam’s website online after searching for a confidence coach in dating and relationships. I felt pretty apprehensive at the start but very early into the first session Sam made me feel completely at ease. She really helped me to get to the bottom of my problems and understand the reasons for my anxiety and low confidence, and then provided techniques in order to help me overcome them. It was refreshing to learn about how there were actual ways to overcome these feelings rather than just having to learn to live with them – as i’ve previously been led to believe. Not only did she help me to become more aware of myself, but she also taught me ways that i could use self love to my advantage and begin to feel confident in who i was. Those closest to me have also realised a bit of a change in me. I can’t thank Sam enough, and if i find myself if the same situation in the future, i know she’s the woman for the job!’

Coaching Client

‘I found Sam on line whilst looking for help to work out why I had not been in a romantic relationship for so long. I only had a couple of sessions with Sam but they were very helpful and Sam was very easy to talk with. We discussed some issues that arose that I hadn’t realised were in my subconscious and Sam gave me the tools to work on them. After being mainly single for 10 or so years, I am now in a relationship with someone I can see a future with. It’s still only early days but knowing I can talk with Sam if I encounter any problems I need guidance on, is reassuring.’

Coaching Client

‘I am so glad I had coaching sessions with Sam. She helped me engineer real change in my life and do the things I wanted to do and build my own strengths. Many of the things Sam suggested I’d heard about but the way she puts thing together makes you know something will work for you. As well as being given these tools that help me every day, this all happened very quickly, just a couple of sessions. Thank you Sam!’

Coaching Client

‘I didn’t know what coaching was before working with Sam. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but, I decided to give it a try.

‘I worked with Sam for a few sessions and I have to admit, I never achieved so much in a such short term while I was working with her.

‘Sam helped me first to clarify my problems and aims and then she helped me to create a clear plan of action in order to actually achieve all my targets.

‘Coaching definitely helped me to move my personal and marriage life to the next level and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Sam. She is very passionate about helping people to become the best version they can be.

‘The motivation I had working with Sam was out of this world! I am planning to work with her again in the near future!’

Coaching Client

‘Sam gave me the confidence and motivation to move forward with my business idea.

‘Making a dream into a reality. She gave me great inspiration throughout my sessions.

‘I would recommend Sam to anyone who really wants to change their life for the better.’

Coaching Client

‘I initially went to see Sam with my partner for relationship coaching. I instantly liked Sam and felt immediately at ease with her. I had a sense of confidence in her that would enable me to open up and share intimate information about Myself and my relationship. After all its vital that you actually like and trust the person that you are going to share such personal things with, isn’t it?

‘I was amazed at how seemingly effortlessly Sam got to the root of our issues, when I Myself was in a mass of confusion. I came away from my first session with greater clarity and a huge sense of relief.

‘That was many years ago now and subsequently I have sought counsel with Sam on many occasions. She is my “go to girl” when I am facing difficulties in my life and when I find Myself in need of guidance and support. She enables me to clear my mind and gain clarity with a particular problem or situation. I regular come away from my sessions with Her feeling empowered and so much lighter and much more motivated.

‘Before meeting Sam I have visited other therapists, with varying degrees of success. Sam is without doubt the very best I have ever seen. She is incomparable actually.

‘I recall that on our very first session that Sam promised her 100% dedication to us. She has kept this promise every time. I feel that she is being mindful and completely devoted to our requirements for each and every second we are with her. I cannot say that I have experienced this depth of commitment will other therapists. Indeed sometimes I have felt them clock watching!

‘Sam is totally reliable, totally professional and 100% dedicated to helping and supporting you. She does this in a kind and non judgemental manner.

‘Sam enables you to take control back in your life. She sheds light and clarity on areas that may seem cloudy or even desperate. And she does this very quickly. She possesses the innate knack to filter through your problems and concerns and help you see issues in a more positive and manageable way. Offering ideas and solutions and support and encouragement.

‘So one session with Sam goes an awful long way… Which is why I don’t need to see Sam very often!!

‘I cannot recommend Sam highly enough. She is a counsellor, a coach and a mentor all rolled into one. She is unique and such an inspiration. I hold a profound sense of gratitude that I have been fortunate to have met and worked with her. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.’

Coaching Client

‘I can’t thank Sam enough for the help she has given me in dealing with some quite tricky issues with both my husband and my children, even through Skype she oozes warmth and compassion. Nothing is out of her remit, believe me!

‘Since speaking with her, my outlook on life and the ability to deal with the past (and the future, should issues arise again) has been completely transformed, sounds over the top (which some of you will be thinking), but until you have spoken to her, you will never know how good things can be for you!

‘If you are honest with her and honest with yourself, no matter how big or small your problems are, Sam will get to the bottom of it and you will be given the tools to move on with a much happier, healthier and exciting life. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Sam ‘

Coaching Client

‘Would I recommend Sam?

‘We required specialist help with putting our relationship back together and from researching who would be the best fit, found Sam Owen online.

‘She had an instant affinity, understanding the problem and created a mini plan to help, giving us direction to work with.

‘Talking with Sam is like talking with a friend, expert, and a neutral party when she decides what is best for each moment.

‘The strongest recommendation I can make is to say that with Sam on your side, you have a great chance of fixing life’s issues.’

Coaching Client

‘I found Sam’s details a while back online – I made initial contact and then changed my mind, something then made me get back in touch. Choosing to work with Sam is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Each session with Sam was enjoyable and felt like a chat… was what happened in the days after each session where I noticed real changes starting to happen (and the effect still continues now!). I still can’t put my finger on it – all I can say is that the things I contacted Sam for have now began to fade away. Thanks Sam – you’re one very smart lady and definitely know your stuff!’

Coaching Client

‘We would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent work you have done in keeping our marriage together. Using your exercises and the resources you sent us has helped us immensely in learning each others triggers and helping to understand why we react the way we do.

‘Since our sessions with you we have been making a greater point to talk more frequently and do more things together as well as diffusing on what we want to achieve individually. For the first time in two years we were able to go out without our kids and enjoy each others company!

‘For a long time I felt I knew my wife but I was wrong. Your sessions helped to rediscover and reconnect with the person I fell in love with and also learn things about myself.

‘We hope you enjoy a great New Year and other couples can experience the help you provided us.’

Coaching Client

‘…First to say a very big and heartfelt thank you!! You have been amazingly supportive and so kind and constructive and I appreciate you so very much Sam. I think of you often Sam and I am so glad to have met and worked with you. I think you’re ace!’

Coaching Client

‘I felt so much better after our last session; the funk I was in definitely lifted and I’ve felt better ever since.

‘Since the one session Mathew (name changed) and I have been getting on loads better. I think admitting to my faults to a third party really helped me to change them! We’ve been telling our friends you have ‘cured us’ after one session!!’

Coaching Client

‘I reached out to Sam following a traumatic year when I had to cope with both the death of my father, and a separation from my wife. I had lost my sense of perspective and was struggling to see a clear path forwards. In my very first session with Sam, I could see she was someone who deeply understood people, and could empathise with my situation, but also challenge me to dig deeper and find my own solutions. In the 4 sessions I had with Sam we covered many topics, exploring my feelings and helping me to develop different approaches that have helped me regain a clear perspective on my own self worth. Sam has been an enormous help to me and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who needs to regain a grip on their life.’

Coaching Client

‘I just wanted to write to say thank you for everything. I’ve met someone lovely! And I do think it’s all down to the work I did with you as I now feel that I deserve a lovely relationship! Thank you for helping me work on my self esteem and for helping me to realise my own self worth. It’s helped me in all areas of my life and I’m so much happier.’

Coaching Client

‘I contacted Sam after I had broken up with my wife after a very long relationship. Sam’s coaching helped me to see things from more than one perspective. I found her style to be warm, friendly, sincere and logical. In addition to this to be practical and she just gets what you are trying to say.

‘Sam actually cares about her clients. Sam is like the friend you turn to except she actually knows what she talking about. I would have no problem in recommending Sam to friends and family, which I actually did and they are now one of her clients.’

Coaching Client

‘After a chaotic beginning I became a calmer and better person with Sam. I had a 3 coaching sessions with Sam.
Even though my problems have not solved entirely; Sam allowed me to mature as a person by being a great listener and pointed out key factors to question myself more on how to deal with certain situation.

‘I am thankful to Sam for bringing my thought process to place where it never been so that I am able to face and confront my own demons and ultimately achieving and solving my problems.

‘Thank you so much.’

Coaching Client

‘Just wanted to thank you for all your help this year (2015), I feel like this year has been a real transformation for me and you’ve had a lot to do with that.’

Coaching Client

‘I had 3 coaching sessions with Sam. Sam has been fantastic, great listener, very sympathetic and gave me practical advice on dating/ relationships. Each session gave me goals / objectives. As a result I feel more positive and confident, my work and general outlook has improved, I am not stressed about future. I feel I will achieve my dreams / goals. I have no hesitation in recommending Sam.’

Coaching Client

‘Don’t be afraid to get advice early in a relationship. After a personal tragedy I knew starting over again would be a challenge, I met someone who I could tell was really nice and right for me but there were issues for both of us stemming from both our pasts and they were getting in the way of the relationship. Sam acted as a great sounding board and I am so glad I stuck it out and was patient as otherwise I think I would have walked away confused with both of us full of misunderstandings. We are now very happy.’

Coaching Client

‘I found Sam after seeing a few therapists for feelings of anxiety.

‘I found her approach to be both supportive and directive in terms of the guidance she gave me. I felt comforted and respected whilst Sam challenged my limiting beliefs and helped me see things differently.

‘I feel great, much more able to move forward with my life. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking for a logic based, down to earth approach to solving an issue or improving a situation. Thanks again Sam!’

Coaching Client

‘We both feel much more content in our relationship after 5 sessions of working with you. Things are much easier than they were using your advice, learning from our conversations and from the strategies you suggested. We were really impressed at your ability to support two aging lesbian feminists which we imagine might be a new client group for you! We are enormously grateful to you for your help. Thank you.’

Coaching Client

‘Things have been great at home as (hubby) has made a real effort and I have too. Things are happier with kids too and I have less pressure on myself too. I was a little apprehensive when I initially contacted you but so glad I did. Thank you very much for all your help…You are brilliant at what you do.’

Coaching Client

‘I want to thank you for all of your help, you made me realise my worth in a time when I didn’t realise it myself. I…have got into the habit of thinking ‘what would Sam say?’ You always see the positives and made me realise that I am doing the best for my boys and for me. Thank you so, so much, you are a brilliant coach and I’m so happy to have had the experience of being helped by you. Our meetings have literally changed my life. Thank you Sam.’

Coaching Client

‘I had never considered discussing the way I felt with anyone other than my nearest and dearest and I was not at all sure what to expect from coaching. Sam instantly won my confidence with her professionalism and clarity, and made me feel immediately at ease. She helped me to discover and identify some of my thought processes and behaviours which were driving my lack of self-confidence. She guided me, without leading or prompting, through the course of working things out for myself in a comfortable and open manner. I have developed an entirely new insight into myself and some solid action steps which are helping me in all aspects of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend Sam to anybody looking for support or guidance, and I can testify that her skill and expertise can truly transform anybody who is willing to change.’

Coaching Client

‘I contacted Sam a few months ago after finding myself stuck in a rut and not really knowing which direction to turn in. Sam helped me see things more clearly and gave me really good advice and guidance. I had two sessions face to face with Sam as well as a lot of email interaction which was nice as it felt she was with me every step of the way. I feel she has helped me get on the right track to living a more satisfied life, but if I ever feel myself slipping it is comforting to know she is there to help. Highly recommended.’

Coaching Client


Coaching Client

‘Four months ago I was disheartened and confused about several aspects of my life, suffering the paralysing effects of inertia and low mood; frankly, I was lost. The end of a relationship, the realisation that my social life was sparse and the lack of motivation to complete a writing project were weighing me down. Sam helped me to clarify my goals (and there were a few light bulb moments when I realised I wasn’t being entirely honest with myself about their relative importance!). I must admit I was apprehensive, not to mention tearful, but talking my goals through with Sam gave me focus, the motivation to move my life forwards and led me to identify opportunities to fix what wasn’t working. In just 4 sessions over 2 months my life, and most importantly how I feel about myself, is a world away from when I started. For me, the opportunity to work with Sam gave me the shove to do what I suspected I needed to do – it felt like having my own personal cheerleader.

‘I would highly recommend coaching with Sam. I truly believe I would still have been floundering without engaging her as my coach. It has been a valuable and worthwhile investment in me. The process opened my eyes to see opportunities to work towards my goals whereas before, my head was down, I was becoming disengaged and I failed to see all the possibilities around me to improve my life. Four months on, I have almost finished a massive redraft of my first novel, I have found ways of meeting new female friends and my self-esteem is up. Sam doesn’t direct you in what to do – she facilitates you finding the answers yourself – it just sort of happens as you become more ‘aware’. I am still not entirely sure how – it must be magic!’

Coaching Client

‘After five difficult years of raising small children together, we were stuck in a cycle of resentment, criticism and defensiveness. Our house was in chaos and every day was blighted by bickering over the tasks of daily life and perceived unfairness.

‘My husband was on anti-depressants and completely closed off to me, and to be honest, I had given up hope of change. With your help we have been able to restore joy to our relationship and family life.

‘We had individual sessions, and then sessions together. My husband was skeptical, but the sheer relief of having someone to explain it to won over in the end I think. Sam is very practical in her suggestions, and simple solutions have been the key to a positive cycle that has lifted us out of our lowest hour.

‘I can’t thank you enough, Sam. Now I have a husband who loves me again and understands that I love him. Each day I wake up happy to be in our partnership, and better able to do what we wanted in the first place, which is to provide the best possible home life for our children.’

Coaching Client

‘I really cannot thank you enough for the sessions, they have turned my life around in a way I never expected, and as you say on the site I will take so much away from them for life!’

Coaching Client

‘My husband and I were living different lives! We didn’t get along as partners and we didn’t get along as family! So I decided it was time to seek for help or go separate ways! I found Sam on Internet and called her! My husband wasn’t happy about it as he was saying: ‘I am not telling my problems to a stranger’! But as we started sessions with Sam, she knew how to get to him, so he started to talk and he said things I didn’t expect! She never said you have to do this or you have to say that, but she was guiding us so we found the answers to our problems! We had 7 sessions (didn’t even need the 8th) and our lives as a partners and family has completely changed! We still have some arguments but they are not what it was, because we know how to talk to each other, we listen each other and we understand each other! And now even my husband says that Sam was the best thing that could happen to our family!’

Coaching Client

‘I can thoroughly recommend Sam Owen’s life coaching sessions, she has helped my wife and I make huge improvements to ours and subsequently our children’s lives.

‘After 5 years of not being able to find the right work, children, us balance, we found ourselves angry at each other and were struggling to get out of the rut. We didn’t have enough good lines of communication open to resolve it between ourselves, and I’m not even sure that at that point we really wanted to. We went to Sam with a cry for help.

‘My partner and I had 12 sessions each (some together) and we feel like we have achieved so much. We talk and plan together again, we enjoy each other’s company and the benefits to the kids to seeing us happy again and working as a team is immeasurable. We are supportive of each other. Additionally, individually we are better – we now know when to ask each other for help and understand the value of taking time away from each other and the children.

‘It’s up to us now. What we have learnt is that our current improvement is just the start – we really have so much potential and all the motivation to lead stellar, joyous, fulfilling lives.

‘Sam coached us brilliantly, she was able to balance various techniques to challenge and convince us to improve ourselves and our lives. We were difficult customers but she persevered. Thanks Sam! A wholehearted and hugely grateful recommendation from me.’

Coaching Client

‘We have grown stronger as a family through the coaching we have received. We are able to deal with situations that arise as a unit, rather than falling apart and this is all through the work we have done with Sam. Life has become easier as we have learned to take pressure off ourselves when it is needed and to enjoy our family life, which has always been our main aim. With Sam’s help we haven’t found this change difficult in any way it has been such a positive experience for us.’

Coaching Client

‘I hold you in the highest regard for the work you have done/ are doing with me. Things are getting a lot easier. Thanks! You have a really good way of putting things over. Wish I had known about you last September it would have been a whole lot easier.’

Coaching Client

‘Thank you so much, your advice is much appreciated, so glad I found you!’

Coaching Client

‘It has been a pleasure and life changing to have known you.’

Coaching Client

‘I enjoyed the workshop, there were some new elements to me but also some that I had encountered before, this served as a refresher and reminder. The workshop and content I take from it will be useful going forward, as I hope to build on my use of social media. Sam did really well, she presents well and gets her point across with a broad range of technique. I would recommend to anyone running their own business. Sam’s style at presentation is very relaxed and informal and she encourages the attendees to actively participate. I thoroughly enjoyed the time and it seemed to go past really quickly.’

Damian Holland, PC Pal Stockport

‘Positive session, presented extremely well. Sam is very enthusiastic and encouraging. Presents well and encourages everyone to get involved. Lots of ideas arose from the session, that hopefully I can take forward and integrate into our firm…Really enjoyed it…Thank you for the excellent coaching session you provided at our office yesterday Sam. You were a delight to work with and an inspiration to all of us. Much appreciated.’

Catherine Crossley, Quality Solicitors Roberts Crossley

‘I found our customer relationship coaching workshop with Sam really useful and surprisingly interesting. Sam opened our minds to new things we can do that I really believe will improve our business, offer better client satisfaction and ultimately make my job easier and more rewarding. After experiencing the workshop myself, I would happily recommend Sam to any business wanting to improve/progress their outlook/methods. Absolutely brilliant!’

Helen Thorne, Quality Solicitors Roberts Crossley

‘I really learnt lots of new tricks from my coaching session with Sam Owen to help my business communications and customer relations. I strongly recommend Sam’s services for all those who are going to set up up a new business as well as successful businesses looking to improve their skills to create better relationships with their existing and prospective clients.’

Sultan Asi, Imani Studio

‘Sam Owen is talented as a relationships coach. She clearly knows her stuff, knows how to walk the walk and was so lovely to work with as my personal coach…I felt in control of my relationship and my happiness by putting in the effort required and I’ve completely reaped the rewards. Loved it!’

Coaching Client

‘Sam Owen is incredibly warm and genuine. I felt instantly at ease with her and she didn’t let me use my excuses as a means for not improving. I feel much more confident about myself in relationships. Others have noticed a positive change too.’

Coaching Client

‘Relationship coaching with you was not what I expected it to be. I thought it would be depressing but it turned out to be really quite fun and really enlightening. I learnt a lot about myself and my relationship with my partner. It was great to have my partner attend some sessions with me too.’

Coaching Client

‘An amazing experience. Turned my relationships and my life around. You have some weird knack for sussing things out. You saved me some time! Thank you so much. My family and I were at breaking point. We are now communicating better than we ever have and are so much happier and stronger.

‘Sam helped me to realise that my relationship with my husband was important. I didn’t want to divorce but I was NOT happy. I needed the time and space I got with coaching to help me create a much better marriage. We are still happily married. Thank you so much.’

Coaching Client

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