Business relationships are at the core of all businesses and at the root of all successful businesses are happy, rewarding relationships that ensure that everyone feels they are getting something positive in exchange for being in that relationship.

When you think of business relationships, at least some of the following will pop to mind:

  • Customer relationships
  • Business partner relationships
  • Employer employee relationships
  • Boss employee relationships
  • Employee engagement

Business relationships, when healthy, are geared towards achieving mutual goals as well as individual goals.  Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Perhaps you’re viewing this page because you want to review what’s not working in one or more of your business relationships and feel it’s important to address solutions in order to ensure success can take care of itself.

YOUR Business Relationships

Thoughtful questions lead to important answers, sometimes life-changing answers, so I have a few questions for you that you might find useful to ask yourself in the first instance:

  • What is it that I and the other party/parties want to achieve?
  • What’s really stopping us from achieving our goals?
  • How can I ensure we are both/all motivated to work towards those goals in a mutually beneficial way, bearing in mind our individual goals and our shared goals?
  • If we don’t currently have shared goals, what can I do to ensure we do have shared goals so that we move forward together?
  • What might happen if we don’t rectify the current difficulties and/or disagreements between us?
  • What can a professional coach with relationship insights and solutions do for me that I can’t do for myself?
  • Is it worth seeking out help from a third party for the sake of the business, my career goals, my personal goals, my mental health and my happiness?

Whether you’re experiencing challenges in your relationship(s) with your business partner(s), having difficulty managing your staff, want to train your staff to provide the best customer experience possible, or address other business relationship issues, coaching may be perfect for your needs.

You might also find this short video helpful if you’re questioning one of your current, or prospective, business relationships and want to make a quick good decision about it:

If you want to explore how I may be able to help you to improve your business relationships to achieve your goals, book as few as two coaching sessions, now. It might be all you need as we’ll get to the heart of the problem, quickly.

About me

I’ve helped CEO’s, managing directors, small business owners, police staff, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, HR professionals, housewives, counsellors, corporate executives, ex-athletes, a renowned scientist, solicitors, and many, many more titles.

I’ve worked with clients all over the globe including in the UK, mainland Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

I’ve been coaching clients for 12 years in private practice.

I frequently work as an expert for big brands and media, I am a BBC contributor, and am the published author of these popular self-help books on relationships and mental health: Resilient Me; Anxiety Free; Happy Relationships.

Business Relationships Coaching

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What Clients Are Saying

“Positive session, presented extremely well. Sam is very enthusiastic and encouraging. Presents well and encourages everyone to get involved. Lots of ideas arose from the session, that hopefully I can take forward and integrate into our firm…Really enjoyed it…Thank you for the excellent coaching session you provided at our office yesterday Sam. You were a delight to work with and an inspiration to all of us. Much appreciated.”  Catherine Crossley, Quality Solicitors Roberts Crossley

“I enjoyed the workshop, there were some new elements to me but also some that I had encountered before, this served as a refresher and reminder. The workshop and content I take from it will be useful going forward, as I hope to build on my use of social media. Sam did really well, she presents well and gets her point across with a broad range of technique. I would recommend to anyone running their own business. Sam’s style at presentation is very relaxed and informal and she encourages the attendees to actively participate. I thoroughly enjoyed the time and it seemed to go past really quickly.”  Damian Holland, PC Pal Stockport

“I found our customer relationship coaching workshop with Sam really useful and surprisingly interesting. Sam opened our minds to new things we can do that I really believe will improve our business, offer better client satisfaction and ultimately make my job easier and more rewarding. After experiencing the workshop myself, I would happily recommend Sam to any business wanting to improve/progress their outlook/methods. Absolutely brilliant!”  Helen Thorne, Quality Solicitors Roberts Crossley

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