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YouTube Shorts Relationship Advice In Bitesize

By August 21, 2023Blog
YouTube Shorts Relationship Advice In Bitesize - By Relationship Expert, Sam Owen (@samowencoaching)

Relationship Advice For Quick Help & Inspiration

Sometimes, a sentence or two can change your life. Something you hear, something you see.

Words from other humans can validate what you’ve been experiencing, give you the information you need to reflect and introspect on your personal situation, and help direct you towards hope and solutions.

In some moments you need help and inspiration but don’t have the time or headspace to read a full article or watch a long video. For those moments, I am creating relationship advice YouTube Shorts to help you with your relationships with yourself and others.

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YouTube Shorts And My Mission

The relationship advice in my YouTube Shorts is another arm for carrying out my mission. The mission I have been on since 2012. Here is my mission statement as it appears on my homepage. It gives you an insight into what you can always expect from my services, whether through books, blogs, videos, speaking or coaching. 🙂

My Mission:

‘To help people achieve their relationship and wellbeing goals as quickly as possible, in a positive, uplifting environment.

‘We are all connected and I want to help us to influence ourselves, our loved ones and mankind in healthy, compassionate ways, with relationship and mental health solutions that are unique, solution-focused, science-based, and intuitive.’


Relationship Advice YouTube Shorts Published To Date (Mon 21st August, 2023)

YouTube Channel Links:

♥ Short 20
4 Reasons For Doing This During Conflict

♥ Short 19
Some People

♥ Short 18
These People Are Precious

♥ Short 17
Gaslighters Do This, Effortlessly

♥ Short 16
And That’s How You Know

♥ Short 15
This Works Quickly

♥ Short 14
The Truth About Haters Is

♥ Short 13
One Major Reason You Should Do More Of This

♥ Short 12
3 Types Of People & Your Self-Worth

♥ Short 11
Authenticity Is Also This

♥ Short 10
Why This Door Doesn’t Open

♥ Short 9
In Case You’re At This Crossroads

♥ Short 8
Affectionate Touch In Marriage Does This

♥ Short 7
4 Types Of People To Keep Out Of Inner Circle

♥ Short 6
One Major Way Your Friends Can Help You

♥ Short 5
How We Can Fix Modern Dating

♥ Short 4
How To Increase Resilience For Something Challenging

♥ Short 3
Awesome Emotion Reset Button: Try This

♥ Short 2
2 Ways To Get More Empathy From Loved Ones

♥ Short 1
How To Know If A Relationship Is Healthy


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Here are those channel links again:

I look forward to serving you even more over there. 🙂