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Working On The Whole Picture

By May 4, 2012Blog

When people go for some form of coaching, a good coach will address all issues that are presenting themselves.  They will look at the whole picture of the client’s life.  For example, someone may be experiencing relationship problems but the fact that they are unhappy about their weight or are very dissatisfied at work, will have an impact on their relationships.

Can you remember a time when one aspect of your life was creating a knock-on effect on other aspects of your life?  Perhaps you were stressed out at work and lost your sex drive, much to the dismay of your partner.  Perhaps you felt your life was lacking purpose and found yourself performing decreasingly well in your job.  Perhaps your depressed feelings about your body image prevented you from socialising enough to find the ideal partner you were looking for.

We are a whole person.  That’s why people who see a relationship coach to improve a relationship will often address other issues that are affecting them.

Ask yourself how satisfied you are with all aspects of your life.  Address the areas that need some attention.  Think about how you can improve areas of your life to go from dissatisfied to content, or better still, to joyous.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Would I feel happier if I gave myself permission to have time off?
  • Would I be more confident if I lost a bit of weight or toned up my body?
  • Would I work harder if I was in a career I loved?
  • Would I have more self-pride if I helped the local community more?
  • Would I feel more at peace if I addressed spirituality?

Let’s take this a step further now.

If I gave myself permission to have time off:

  • Would I be better rested and work more efficiently?
  • Would I achieve greater success in my career with the positive, rested state of mind?
  • Would I spot opportunities more easily due to the increased clarity that the calmer mental state would bring?
  • Would I spend more time with loved ones?
  • Would I have better relationships with those important to me because of the extra time spent together?
  • Would the improved personal relationships make me feel stronger and more self-confident to achieve greater things?
  • Would the increased wealth allow me to help those less fortunate?
  • Would I have a better relationship with myself if I felt I was helping others?
  • If I had a better relationship with myself would I have better relationships with others?

Do you see how we do not suffer the consequences of one problem in isolation?  Some things will affect other things.  It’s a fact of life.

When you know the answers to these types of questions you can then begin to look for the solutions to get you there.  Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and reap the rewards of a happier, more successful life experience.


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