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Relationship Lessons From Nelson Mandela

By December 6, 2013Blog
Relationship Lessons from Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela – what a great human being.  Few people touch mankind in the way that he did but his legacy reminds us that we can all do our own bit in our own way.

With his passing I feel an overwhelming responsibility to do more for mankind.  I know that no matter how little or how much I touch other people’s lives, help other people to become happier, find their inner selves and thus begin to influence their fellow men in a positive way, it will make a difference.  I want to urge you to do one more thing each week that makes a difference to our race, the human race.

Relate Better to One Another

Can you?

  • Can you give one more person a smile and maybe make their week?
  • Can you visit elderly neighbours for a cup of tea to give them some company?
  • Can you show racist people that you have compassion for them because you know that they are lost or misguided?
  • Can you visit your ageing parents a little more to show you appreciate everything they have done for you?
  • Can you help someone in the street who is clearly struggling?
  • Can you give up some of your time to help a charity or other good cause?
  • Can you be friendly to people you come into contact with, regardless of the hell you might be going through in your personal life?

Yes; we all can.  We should always remember that the cumulative effect and the ripple effect of our small good deeds do make a difference.  They make a difference to our entire species, even if we can’t always see it.

What Nelson Mandela Taught Us About Relationships

When we lose someone as great as Nelson Mandela, we can step in to fill some of the void by making contributions that we believe possible.

He taught us how to find a common ground with our enemies.

He proved that we can be forgiving and peaceful beyond imagination.

He showed that love and compassion is the way to triumph over hate and anger.

He taught us that relationships are built on qualities that bond us to one another.

Make a difference in your home, in your street, in your community, in your work, and in your heart.  It all counts.  We all count.

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