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How To Save A Marriage Or Relationship, Quickly

By December 17, 2012Blog
save my marriage, quickly

Let’s face it; why would you want to save your marriage slowly?  I don’t have a single client that comes to me wanting slow progress.  They are not impatient people, they are just people who are fed up with the state of their relationship and want to turn things around, quickly.

You can get instant marriage saving tips on the internet, you can buy a great relationship self-help book online or from a book store (like Relationship Remedies) and you can seek professional help.  Why is the latter a less obvious solution to saving a relationship, though?

People often feel reluctant to seek professional help because they mistakenly think they may end up spending several thousand without a real idea of when things will improve or relationship problems will be resolved.  As a guideline, I help clients to resolve their relationship problems and save their marriage (or relationship) within about 12 sessions, give or take.  Imagine your relationship becoming what you had once envisaged it to be in just 12 sessions.

Trust me when I say, some of my clients come to me in a state of deep anguish or even despair, and yet it never ceases to amaze me how quickly they make progress.  You know why my relationship coaching clients come to me instead of going for relationship counselling?  They want to know how they can save their relationship quickly and realise that I have a 12 session package that will enable them to do that.  They want a space to explore their relationship problems and learn solutions that will create a happy relationship again.  Coaching will provide them with both.  It’s not a place to dwell on what has been.  It isn’t a place to wallow in self-pity.  It’s a place to learn the lessons from their past and focus on what they can do here and now in the present moment, to achieve their ideal future – their ideal relationship and home life.

Another major reason why you can solve your relationship problems quickly using coaching is that you are accountable to your coach which simply means you get things done (you act on implementing solutions) because you don’t want to say that you haven’t.  It’s simple human nature.  You’d much rather do what you said you would do than feel awkward and embarrassed by having to report that you didn’t do the simple yet effective tasks you said you would complete between sessions.

You can save your marriage or relationship quickly by:

Working on the little things.

It’s the little changes repeated consistently that make the most profound difference to your relationship.

Working on the thoughts and feelings.

It’s the current thoughts and feelings that you have that are ultimately stopping you from behaving in ways that would help repair your relationship.

Working on the actions you take.

The actions you take show that you care, that you’re committed, that you love, respect and appreciate them.

Working on your communication.

The best relationships have the most frank, open lines of communication and what is communicated is honest and conducive to a successful, happy, stress-free relationship.

Working on growing together so you don’t grow apart.

All relationships either grow together or apart.  If it’s a marriage, you have to proactively work at growing together or you will drift apart in this day and age.  There are too many distractions in this technologically advancing world for us to be complacent about keeping the fire burning in our marriages and other relationships.

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