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How To Fix A Friendship – 5 Top Tips

By January 9, 2013Blog

Friendships; where would we be without them!  I find it incredibly sad when I hear of people who don’t have any friends.  How lonely it must be.  After all, your friends, unlike family, are there because you want to be a part of each others’ lives not because you’re bound by blood.

A friendship breakup can be very painful.  I’ve seen people beside themselves when they’ve learnt that their so-called friend has suddenly started acting unlike a friend and has in fact, become a stranger.  The fact that people will seek out relationship counselling or relationship coaching to repair their friendship shows how very important fixing a friendship can be for these people.  It can be like losing a member of your family when you’re not on good terms with an important friend.  Sometimes you realise that you have to bid them farewell and that this is the end of the road for you both.  However, if you are still intent on fixing that friendship then here are five top tips

Tip 1

Openly discuss your feelings about the situation, not your thoughts on who’s to blame.  Everyone views the world through their own subjective view and this then informs their personal feelings and resulting behaviour…  READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON THE HUFFINGTON POST

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