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Building Confidence is Key

By October 12, 2012Blog

Your confidence is at the centre of your relationship with yourself and others, whether in your personal life or your work life.  The fact is that to a lesser or greater extent, we exude what we have within, knowingly or unknowingly.

Some people may misinterpret someone’s lack of confidence for unfriendliness or another person’s confidence for arrogance.  However, some will rightly interpret lack of confidence for lack of confidence and arrogance for arrogance.  The latter two are the ones that will hinder you in your career, your business, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, your success, your wealth, and your happiness.

If you lack confidence, ask yourself what would make you feel more self-confident?  Write the question down on a piece of paper and make sure you answer them.  When you start asking yourself important questions and answering them, then you will begin to unravel the solutions to your perceived problems.

Confidence is attractive.  It will help you achieve bigger and better things for yourself in your personal life and work life.

Questions To Start The Journey Of Building Confidence

What will make you feel more confident…

  • Is it external factors, things related to your appearance; weight, shape, complexion, etc?
  • Is it internal factors, things related to your mental view of your life thus far, the meanings you’ve attached to the collective life experiences you’ve had to date?
  • Are you disappointed with your level of achievement; you believed you would have achieved more but haven’t?
  • Are your relationships not how you once envisaged they would be and now they’re deflating your energy as well as self-esteem?
  • Are you fulfilled in every aspect of your life, social, spiritual, wealth, job/career, family, health, etc?
  • If there were no barriers whatsoever, mental or physical, imagined or real, what three things about yourself or your life would you immediately change or improve in order to become more self-confident?

Write all of your answers down and then ask yourself, this question…

  • What’s really stopping you?
  • No, not that excuse again.  What’s really stopping you from implementing the required changes?  🙂

If you want some free advice, you just want to pick my brains for some tips specific to your situation, just give me a call!  Seriously!

If you want some focused help with a tailored approach that will work with your situation specifically, I have a Confidence Coaching Workshop consisting of 14 modules which you can attend alone or as part of a group.  It takes you through lots of practical steps to turn your low self-esteem into just the right amount of confidence to make you happy, healthy and successful.  You’ll then be able to build on what you learn, throughout your lifetime, because you’ll then have an arsenal of tools to tap into whenever need be.

Confidence is attractive.  Confidence is healthy.  Confidence is key.

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