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Been Reflecting Much Lately? Learning From Life or Feeling Stagnant?

By January 9, 2014Blog
time to reflect

Reflection Time Is Vital For Our Relationships, Career & Health

Reflection: considering the experiences you have had so that you may move swiftly and successfully, towards your goals.  That’s the point of it, right? 

Those goals may be big, they may be small, they may be simple, and they may be extravagant.  Many of them are woven into our everyday life and linked to our basic human needs and drives.

As we go from one achievement to the next, or if we’re not reaching our objectives at all, when do we realise what we need to do next in order to continue moving on towards our ideal life?  We realise when we spend time reflecting.  That thing that we are frequently distracted from, distracted by the digital era we now live in.

As a coach, I always make my clients aware that it is during those many hours between our sessions that things will really begin to click and fall into place.  Of course, this only happens if they spend time away from me, reflecting – something I consider a must.  After all, there is no way a human being can fix something in their life if they are on auto-pilot.

So, my question for you is, how much time do you spend reflecting on life and life’s lessons?

Do you even make time for yourself to just be alone with your thoughts?  How often do you go for a stroll without any music or audio books in your earphones?  How often do you have a day off without the distraction of social media and emails and the internet?

Reflection time is vital for good health and happiness.  If all we ever do is spend time doing things, how will we know what we think about things?

We all have to stop to think sometimes.  Think about the fun we’ve had and what it taught us; think about the challenges we’ve learnt lessons from; reflect on what has worked brilliantly and what hasn’t served us so well; consider which people lift us up and why, what others have taught us about ourselves and the sort of relationships we want; and give thought to what we want from our future.

We can learn from life’s lessons every single day but only if we allow ourselves some time to reflect.  The choice is yours, stay forever stagnant or take time to reflect regularly so that you can grow into a better father, wife, sibling, friend, boss, neighbour, and overall, a more refined version of yourself.

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