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Bad Feelings

By May 6, 2012Blog

Sometimes you meet someone and feel an instant connection to them.  It’s a gut feeling, you’re drawn to them, feel comfortable with them and get a general good feeling from them.

When you get a good feeling about someone there is usually a reason for it.  When you get a bad feeling about someone there is also usually a reason for it.

How to detect when others have bad feelings for you comes down to listening to your inner feelings and voice, and translating what they are saying and doing, or not saying and doing.  For example:

  • Do you feel uneasy in their company?
  • Do they display a tense face when talking to you?
  • Do their eyes seem stern when they look at you?
  • Do they struggle to make eye contact with you?
  • Do they turn their body away from you when talking to you or when you are talking to them or to a group of people that they are a part of?
  • Do they make you feel unwelcome in their demeanour?
  • Do they fail to congratulate you when you have done something worthwhile?  Even if they don’t know you, they should be able to acknowledge your achievement.

Sometimes that first meeting will be your last.  Other times you will get to know this person over time and learn whether your initial thoughts about the possibility of a positive relationship between you, were indeed correct.

If you know deep down that you are a good-hearted, genuine, generous-spirited person, remember the following:

Some people will be unable to relate positively to you due to their own jealousies.  They want what you have or what you have achieved.  Instead of being happy for you and understanding that you reaped what you sowed, and thus created your own good fortune, they simply view you negatively as you stand for what they would like but are unwilling to work for.

Don’t let the jealousy of others get you down.  Remember that such negativities are their baggage and they are not a reflection of who you are.

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