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Are You Ready?

By May 19, 2012Blog
GPs and patients

When you decide to go for relationship counselling, relationship coaching, or any form of professional help, you have to be ready for it.  If you’re not ready, you’ll be left on the starting line.  If you’re not ready, it might feel frustrating and/or even overwhelming.

If you are ready, then don’t wait for your GP to refer you.  Refer yourself.  GPs are not superheroes.  They are normal people like you and me; they are busy, they see hundreds of patients every week, they have limited time with you and they simply cannot be everything to every patient.  They’re not a walking directory of local skilled professionals and their job is to help those who help themselves.

GPs can recommend or even prescribe you some form of treatment, but they cannot force you to follow it through.  That’s up to you.  They can mention that perhaps you need to go for marriage counselling, or physiotherapy or whatever, but that does not mean they don’t want you to search for a professional yourself.

The dawn of a new NHS is upon us.  When the clinical commissioning groups come into play in 2013, GPs will have a lot more work on their shoulders.  Whilst they will be expected to make more decisions regarding patient care, they will still be busy, busy, busy.

So, the question is, what are you going to do to help yourself?  Who can you seek help from?  What are their credentials?  Can they really help you?  What will happen if you don’t search for the answers to these questions and take action?

Save time by taking action now so that your situation and mental and physical health do not deteriorate.


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