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7 Tips For Building Customer Relationships

By April 24, 2012Blog
Business Customer Service

Building a relationship with your customers is vital.  It’s not a case of, thanks for your money… see-ya! Always show them that you care about the service they receive during the purchase, and after.  Relationships are cultivated over time, not in an instant.

Tip #1

Think of ways to have the slight edge over your competitors when it comes to your customer service.  What can you do differently that will make you stand out?

Tip #2    

Think of ways to over-deliver so that your client receives more than they expected and more than they paid for.

Tip #3

Offer your clients the opportunity to feedback their comments regarding their experience.  It shows you care and that you are listening.

Tip #4

Offer something with a personal touch, perhaps your direct number or a handwritten note of thanks.

Tip #5

Offer your customers some form of reward for buying from you.  This can be in the form of rewards that build over time like with a loylty card or a reward that is an instant benefit of buying your product or service.

Tip #6

Make a note of your clients’ birthdays and send them a birthday card each year.  You can even include discounts for your products/service.

Tip #7

Communicate with your customers frequently.  That way you stay at the forefront of their mind should they want to buy from you again, or when they want to refer a new customer to you.

Always let your clients know their custom is appreciated and you will stand a much better chance of getting repeat business and referral business.

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  • Ginny Carter says:

    Nice thoughts here, and the one about over delivering is good too (as long as it doesn’t lead to stress!). I often ask ‘what more could I do?’ if I’m wanting to impress, especially at the beginning. Nice to make contact with you on Twitter.