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7 Thoughts On Mental Health (Microblog)

By May 26, 2021Blog
7 thoughts on mental health by sam owen

On World Mental Health Day in October 2020 I shared my ‘7 Thoughts On Mental Health’ on social media. I think they deserve a place here because every line says so much about you, life, and your future. And because sometimes it’s nice to give my readers an article that isn’t 2000 words give or take. 🙂


7 Thoughts On Mental Health

1. In your lowest moments you realise what you are made of and that is priceless.

2. Friends help you to reinstate your old self-image when it’s been distorted.

3. It helps to get dressed and do your hair, even if it’s to spend the day in bed.

4. Nobody will understand your situation like you do, and that’s okay.

5. Only you can make the right decisions for your life, trust your intuition.

6. Live every day as you need to, guilt free, as you heal your wounds.

7. Everything in life directs you to where you’re meant to go. You will be okay.


7 Thoughts On Mental Health by Sam Owen @samowencoachingFeel free to save and share as is