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35 Relationship Quotes From The Book, ‘Happy Relationships’

By May 27, 2020Blog
35 Relationship Quotes From The Book, ‘Happy Relationships’

Relationship quotes for all relationships

From Happy Relationships: 7 simple rules to create harmony and growth



‘Remember to treat others as of equal value to you, not above, not below.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘People who are good for us make us ‘feel good’, emotionally and physically, most of the time; people who are bad for us make us ‘feel bad’, emotionally and physically, most of the time.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Everyone benefits from someone believing in them, because it helps them to believe in themselves.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Authenticity is powerful. It tells people who you are, and it tells you who you are.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘We all have one life. We don’t know how many years we’ll be alive or how much of that time we’ll be healthy, and we have plenty of things to do that take up our limited twenty-four hours each day, so if we’re going to take up someone’s time, focus and energy, they’re going to want this to be appreciated, otherwise they can save these to spend them elsewhere.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘People show love and appreciation in different ways, you just have to learn their way.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘The mind also pays attention to how you’re letting the people in your life treat you.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Always keep compassion in your heart – it’s the most comfortable way to live and the clearest way to see.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Sometimes, we want a relationship to work so much, and expect it to work so much, that we completely miss the red flags, however astute we normally are at spotting red flags of any kind! Such is the power of love; it can blind us.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘You cannot be happy and healthy within, or form happy and healthy relationships with others, without some time out from the world and its demands, while you recharge and replenish your energy and resilience.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Research also suggests that having experienced great difficulties in the past (such as divorce or the death of a loved one) can make us more appreciative about life’s small pleasures in the present, so going through hardships now may serve you well in the future as you find yourself savouring the little moments all the more.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘As we share so much of our (at times secret) inner selves and so much of our heart with our loved ones, we need to feel that people can be trusted with our personal information and to protect us from emotional pain.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Pay attention to strange behaviour, no matter how much you love the person and think you trust them.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘We always convey through our verbal and non-verbal communication and our actions, what we expect and are willing to accept.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Not everybody is meant to be in our lives forever, and that’s okay.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘When you think about yourself and your worth, and when you think about others and what you want from your relationships with them, you have to ensure that your thoughts are taking you in the direction you want to go.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Smart human communication is all about being aware of the subtleties, inconsistencies and anomalies, as well as our own feelings.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Pay attention to people’s actions; their words may be uttered simply to fool themselves.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Sometimes people intentionally lie to themselves because that may be easier for them than confronting the truth. Sometimes they just don’t know their own true feelings, and sometimes they are afraid to be honest with you.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘When we glean information about someone’s emotions, it helps us to work out the thoughts they had that preceded them.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Don’t be so closed-minded or arrogant to think that you have evaluated a situation and absolutely know it all! You may be missing something, the grey bit in between that you haven’t thought of, or couldn’t possibly know about, and sometimes the grey is where the peace of mind is.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘If we want to instil calm we need to communicate in a calm way. If we want to instil compassion we need to communicate with compassion. Like attracts like; you get back what you give out.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘When you honour the Three Pillars of Happy Relationships – be happy and healthy within, be authentic and be proactive – you actively ensure that the right people are attracted to you and the wrong people are repelled.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Negative relationships can make you question so much about your own worth and about how your mind is working, particularly if you are in a relationship with someone who is psychologically abusive, who gaslights you or manipulates you in other ways. In those moments you need the good people in your life to help you clean the windscreen, get out of the ditch you’re in and drive forward towards your happiness again.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Know your worth so you know when to say, ‘Yes’, and when to say, ‘Thank you, but no thank you.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘For a relationship to form and survive, we have to connect on an emotional level.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘The older you get, the more you should notice the bad relationships disappear from your life and the good relationships draw closer.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘The world will manage without you, but your relationship may not survive if you pay more attention to your emails, social media and calls than the person you’re meant to be connecting with right here, right now.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Every time someone tries to enter your life, online or offline, you should be vetting them by asking yourself questions and checking in with your bodily sensations, to help you decipher whether you want to grant them access to your heart, your mind and your life.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Whether online or offline, we absorb messages from others consciously and subconsciously, and those messages affect us every single day whether we realise it or not.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Only surround yourself with people who reinforce your well-being and sense of self-worth.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Life goes on. The bad times eventually fall behind us. We move forward wiser, stronger and sleeker … so long as we always stay alert at the gates to our heart and mind and so long as we keep on learning from each relationship we have.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Trust yourself to know who is a threat to your well-being and who is a friend.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘Sometimes it takes time to vet people; simply tell yourself, ‘You have now been vetted. Your application has been denied. Goodbye!’ and then hit delete, physically on your social media account or mentally.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


‘People shape your character, your self-esteem and your life. You are valuable, so ensure that the only people allowed to stick around are those who consistently treat you as valuable.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)


Reference: Happy Relationships: 7 simple rules to create harmony and growth (Orion Publishing)