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21 Relationship Habits of the Happy and in Love

By May 12, 2014Blog
21 Relationship Habits of the Happy and in Love

How many of these relationship habits do you and your wife, husband or partner espouse, and what’s really stopping you from adopting those that you don’t already?  Here are 21 relationship habits of the happy and in love; honour them and they will help you to have happy, healthy, fulfilling romantic relationships, as well as ensuring you feel optimistic about your happy ever after.

  1. They ask one another solution-focused empowering questions.
  2. They find time for each other, e.g. cuddling in bed, undertaking fun activities together, going for a walk, eating dinner together, etc.
  3. They lift their partner up when they notice they are feeling low, lacking in self-esteem, upset, angry, confused, etc.
  4. They have shared goals about their future.
  5. They make a genuine effort, where possible, with their partner’s family.
  6. If they want children or have children, they show solidarity as a parenting team and (mostly) agree on how they want to raise their children.
  7. They appreciate the contribution that their partner makes to their life, rather than expecting it.
  8. They make their partner feel appreciated by communicating their acknowledgement of what their partner contributes to their life.
  9. If they live together, they have defined roles at home, defined responsibilities.
  10. They are physically intimate daily (kiss, cuddle, touch) and have regular sexual intercourse at a frequency that they are both happy with, be it once a week or four times a week.
  11. They feel they get a fairly equal trade-off in terms of give and take in the relationship.
  12. They feel understood by their partner.
  13. They feel loved by their partner; this may seem obvious but it’s not always so obvious when couples have been in a relationship rut for a while.
  14. For the majority of the time, they are aware of the impact that their energy and morale has on their partner.
  15. They connect emotionally, frequently, and actively listen when their partner is talking.
  16. They feel truly heard when they are themselves talking.
  17. They understand that social media can be a dangerous breeding ground for relationship problems and so utilise it in a way that does not offend or hurt their partner.
  18. They know and feel comfortable with one another’s social circle.
  19. They resolve arguments quickly and incorporate damage limitation, e.g. use fewer negative words and gestures, despite temptations to verbally attack the other person.
  20. They encourage their partner to grow and develop themselves on an ongoing basis.
  21. They engender the key ingredients I mention in my book, Relationship Remedies: love, respect, trust, friendship, communication and commitment.

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