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Virtual Dating Top Tips From Me On BBC’s The One Show (Videos)

By July 29, 2020Blog
Sam Owen - BBC The One Show - Virtual Dates Series

Virtual Dating for Dating Singles and Couples

From facial expressions to eye contact to, even, facial colour [1], non-verbal communication gauged over video calls helps us to work out a great deal about how well we connect emotionally and physically with another person. So it’s no surprise that video calls are helping people to virtually date, whether because of the long-distance or lockdown, whether you’re in a relationship or meeting for the first time.

Whilst person-to-person physiological synchronisation [2] may be limited when interacting virtually, and this may be why you think, ‘I can’t feel their energy over video call’, you can still better vet someone before meeting in person for a first date.

Virtual dates bring a number of perks, from alleviating the awkward pressure you may feel to be physically intimate too soon, to being able to broaden your dating search radius.

Virtual dates as a precursor to dating in person, also save your precious time. So often I’ve heard new clients tell me they’ve spent weeks chatting over text to someone after swiping right or saying a digital hello only to find out weeks later when they finally meet in person, that the spark they thought they had was awkwardly, or depressingly, non-existent.

For those in more long-term relationships, for whom the first stage of vetting has been done, you can quell some of your heart’s longing by seeing your lover who lives far away, works away, or has been forced away due to lockdown restrictions.

Top Tips for Virtual Dating

Check out these six short episodes of Virtual Dates which aired on BBC’s The One Show during April to June 2020, where I shared lots of tips for all you singles and couples virtually dating to find and keep love and romance:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6


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