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I Knew You Were Feeling Angry Before I Even Saw You

By July 19, 2013Blog
emotions and relationships

How Your Emotional State Affects The Feelings Of Those Around You

He walks through the door and you feel tense.  You feel a lull around your heart and chest area and you’re not even sure why.  You know your partner has just walked through the door, you’re happy he’s home, you haven’t heard or seen any signs that he is feeling low but you sense a change in the atmosphere as he enters the room.

You were feeling happy and relaxed but now, suddenly, you don’t feel as upbeat as you did.  Before you get the chance to see and greet him, you get a phone call.  The phone call ends in an argument and yet you can’t help but feel that had you taken that call before your partner came through the door, when you were still feeling upbeat, the conversation would have gone differently and no argument would have taken place.

So what happened when your partner walked through the door and how did it change how you were feeling and how you reacted to the phone call?

Research by the Institute of HeartMath demonstrates that our heart signals synchronise with those of others touching us or in close proximity to us.  Our heart signals, amongst other things, communicate to the brain what we are feeling and then the brain translates this as an emotion being experienced.

If you or your loved one is going through a tough period in your life whereby, for example, one of you is feeling negative and downhearted, this will affect the atmosphere you have around you.  That negative atmosphere will affect how ordinarily happy people feel.  This negative feeling will encase both of you when you are touching or in close proximity to one another and this is one way that one downhearted person can affect the mood of the house, the relationship you have and your combined ability to get on well with one another and solve minor “problems”.

By being aware of how we affect each other with our electrical heart signals, we can be aware of how our loved ones are feeling and rather than lash out at them, nurture them and coax them into a better state of mind.

By being aware of this factor that affects our relationships, we can be vigilant in identifying the hidden intentions of those around us and respond accordingly.

By being mindful of the way we affect one another, we can leave the room instead of contributing to arguments and letting them escalate; we can remain less affected by the feelings of others by being mindful enough to separate the feelings of others from those we are experiencing ourselves.

We’ve all been there, we walk into a room and we feel a lull in our own feelings for unknown reasons or we go somewhere and suddenly feel perkier.  Yes, there are various factors that affect these sudden peaks and troughs in our own feelings but, often, a significant contributor are the heart signals of those we are near.

Remember this information and couple it with an intention to be mindful, awake, and present in your minute to minute interactions with others.  As you do, you’ll tap into a new found awareness that will change how you respond to the people around you, for the better!

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