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How We Can Fix Modern Dating & Make It Great Again

By June 19, 2023Blog
How We Can Fix Modern Dating & Make It Great Again - Sam Owen - relationship expert

Dating has become unpleasant, and a little bit pointless. The games, the disrespect, the forever looking over one’s shoulder for ‘who else?’

And all it’s done is unravel the whole reason people were historically going on dates.

Dating used to be fun and full of hope.

People used to be looking for relationships and that was the point of dating platforms, singles events and matches made by one’s inner circle. Then it became about hook-ups. Then it became about ego boosts. And then it became, ‘I’m done with dating’ – and who can blame them.

For those looking for a serious relationship and/or marriage, the dating arena has, ironically, become the last place to find it.

That’s bad for mankind. The destruction of partnerships and wellbeing is something we have to address for the sake of our survival.


How To Fix The Broken Dating Landscape

So I was thinking, what really needs to change, and the answer is simple.

SOLUTION: Consistently showing yourself and your fellow daters respect for your, and their, mind, body and time. Respect for your mind, body and time. And respect for their mind body and time.

If all the good people in the world collectively do this, now, going forward, it will instantly improve your own dating journey, and over time, it will improve the dating landscape for everybody.

All it requires is that enough people start showing themselves and their fellow daters, respect for their mind, body and time. It’s easy. And it feels good. Therefore, it’s easy and enjoyable to change the dating landscape for good, for everybody.


Collectively The Corrupted Dating Landscape Can Be Fixed

Those who do not want to do this will be left playing games with other game players, and that’s fine. That’s their choice.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, as they say. Let them play together.

Meanwhile, you and the other good-hearted people in the world can play together, with respect and self-respect, compassion and self-compassion.

Despite how it may seem, there are many good men and women out there who do want to find a serious relationship that is passionate and compassionate, light and fun, committed and contented.

Just understand that people have had their self-worth tampered with and have been made to feel anxious with all the game-playing that has been going on. So if you’re on the receiving end of anxious or tense daters, being reassuring and understanding and patient is going to be really key in helping you to navigate what might be a nervous and tense start to your journey with someone you’re getting to know.


How You Implement This Solution

Ask yourself the following questions to help you start being the change.

Forward this article to other daters you know, and let’s start a movement, one that makes dating exciting and fun and worthwhile again.

Below are questions to ask yourself; make a note of your answers somewhere, and then implement those new behaviours with grace.

Broad questions:

  • How can I more completely show myself respect for my mind, body and time?
  • How can I more completely show my fellow daters respect for their mind, body and time?

Specific questions for respecting yourself:

  • How can I dress to show I am valuable?
  • How can I communicate to show I am respectable and valuable?
  • What should I do to respect my own time whilst searching for love?

Specific questions for respecting them:

  • What can I say with compassion, to let someone know I’m not interested in getting to know them further?
  • How can I be mindful of someone’s mental wellbeing when I’m not feeling the synergy between us, during a date?
  • How do I ensure I don’t waste someone’s time when we’re getting to know one another?


We change it together, starting now

We, the people, created what we are experiencing now. We, the people, can make dating great again.

Let’s make dating fun and fruitful going forward. Starting now. Because we can. 🙂