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Reignite Communication & Connection By Reinstating Calm At Home

By January 20, 2014Blog
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Very often, people who are unhappy with their own life or dissatisfied with a relationship, are in a very negative home environment that stops them thinking clearly and achieving the things that would make them happy.

Before you start pointing the finger at all the things your spouse or children do wrong, or all the mistakes you make, take a moment to reflect on the state of the environment within which you are all supposed to excel, both in life and in your relationships with one another.

Truthfully answer these seven questions that constitute elements of your home environment:

  1. Do you all live in a calm, orderly environment or a chaotic, disordered one?
  2. Do you all talk in terms of what can be achieved or in terms of all the obstacles?
  3. Do you tend to discuss solutions and desires or problems and fears?
  4. Do you help each other to achieve individual daily goals or do you watch one another sink or swim?
  5. Do you mostly communicate the things they’ve done to let you down or disappoint you or the things they’ve done that you appreciate?
  6. Do you tend to use aggressive verbal and non-verbal communication or do you have an air of love and calm and empathy about you whenever you communicate?
  7. Do you implement loving gestures whenever you first greet one another at home or do you act as though you’re indifferent to seeing your loved one(s)?

Answering the above will help you to identify the sort of home environment you and your loved ones are living in daily.  The more negative answers chosen, the less conducive to positive change your current home environment is.

You can imagine how unhappy and unmotivated you would be if your employer created a negative environment in the seven ways defined above.  You also wouldn’t dream of sending your innocent child to a nursery that created such a negative environment.  So don’t expect yourself or your loved ones to make and sustain necessary changes whilst living in an oppressive environment.

If you want to improve your marriage or your own personal life, then focus first on creating an environment conducive to positive change, then on the actual changes that you want to make.

Create happiness, health, success, wealth, and highly fulfilling relationships, by making a daily habit of immersing yourselves in an environment that breeds calm, order, warmth, praise, gratitude, a can-do attitude, and a solution-focus.

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