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What Marriage Is: 44 Guiding Principles In 99 Characters Or Less

By April 6, 2016Blog
Marriage is

Marriage is more than a declaration, marriage is something we create minute-to-minute.  Marriage is entirely different from cohabiting, and is still something most people aspire to having, even in the modern day.

So, what is marriage to you?  Share your thoughts and ideas on Twitter using #MarriageIs and my Twitter handle, @samowencoaching, and I’ll retweet them.

Marriage Is…

  1. Marriage is a mindset
  2. Marriage is having the resolve to work through the tough times
  3. Marriage is growing calmer within yourself, and with your spouse, over time
  4. Marriage is growing deeper levels of mutual understanding as the years go by
  5. Marriage is becoming a snug fit as we mould ourselves around each other’s idiosyncrasies
  6. Marriage is growing old together and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for it
  7. Marriage is working towards mutual satisfaction, health and happiness, as much as possible
  8. Marriage is never becoming complacent about your spouse choosing to stay with you
  9. Marriage is having compassion even when you’re feeling hurt or misunderstood
  10. Marriage is playing to your strengths because that’s how teams work best
  11. Marriage is feeling deeply appreciative of your spouse and all they bring into the relationship
  12. Marriage is conveying your deep appreciation to your spouse, frequently
  13. Marriage is working at growing together so you don’t grow apart
  14. Marriage is helping your spouse to be the best they can be
  15. Marriage is encouraging your partner to be independently happy as an individual
  16. Marriage is knowing someone loves you that much
  17. Marriage is about communication and action
  18. Marriage is ensuring you prioritise making time for each other
  19. Marriage is the deepest emotional and physical intimacy you’ll have
  20. Marriage is choosing your battles wisely, as “they” say
  21. Marriage is wanting to bring your best self even though you can bring your worst
  22. Marriage is when their happiness can matter more than your own, and still brings you happiness
  23. Marriage is delayed gratification, upgrades take more than a few moments
  24. Marriage is having someone who truly has your best interests at heart
  25. Marriage is having someone who has your back
  26. Marriage is a privilege and should be treated as such
  27. Marriage is being accepted for who you are on your good days and bad
  28. Marriage is having someone to complement your strengths and weaknesses
  29. Marriage is having someone to halve the burden of life with
  30. Marriage is having your own therapist or coach at home
  31. Marriage is respecting unspoken boundaries
  32. Marriage is frequently having that sparkle in your eye that says I love you
  33. Marriage is creating relationship rules that work for both of you
  34. Marriage is maintaining your mental and physical health for both your sakes
  35. Marriage is recognising you can programme your spouse’s mind more than anyone else
  36. Marriage is recognising that you have access to the controls that embed your spouse’s habits
  37. Marriage is two independent individuals choosing to live interdependent lives
  38. Marriage is respecting them and respecting yourself
  39. Marriage is when friendship forms the foundation of your life together
  40. Marriage is resolving stuff that’s resolvable and accepting that which is not
  41. Marriage is a reflection of both yours and your spouse’s attitudes and habits
  42. Marriage is persisting in bringing about desired change that will benefit the team
  43. Marriage is creating a protective barrier around your union with positive relationship habits
  44. Marriage is trusting in your heart that after the storm will, again, come the calm