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How To Spot And Avoid Psychological Abuse Tactics In Dating (Video)

By November 17, 2021Blog

The use of psychological abuse tactics is more common than you think. They are sometimes amongst our nearest and dearest and we also find them amongst strangers trying to weave their way into our lives, like when we’re dating, making new friends or meeting new colleagues.

Before you become the victim of one, or rather, have to become a survivor of psychological abuse, watch this video. Whether you’ve just gone on a date or two with someone new, or you’ve started dating them, this short video will help you to be alert and astute.

Although this video is aimed at spotting and avoiding people who use psychological abuse tactics during dating encounters, and those who raise red flags suggesting they may become psychologically abusive, the tips can be applied to any new relationship in your life.

It may also help you to recognise that it is already happening somewhere in your inner circle in another relationship.

Be smart, be safe. Watch the 7 minute 27 seconds video here:

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