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7 Social Media Behaviours That Turn Potential Dates Off

By February 17, 2016Blog
social media behaviours and dating

Social Media & Dating

Social media, the place where people either connect or disconnect, love or loathe your status updates, and find out things about you that you were trying to hide.

Yep, social media is an extension of our verbal and non-verbal communication, so when you’re on the dating scene it’s important to remember that people are watching and judging and sometimes learning things about you that you perhaps wouldn’t want them to know.

If you indulge any of these social media behaviours below, consider healthier alternatives that will still give you what you want without alienating potential dates.

7 Social Media Behaviours That Could Be Sabotaging Your Dating Goals:

  1. Too many selfies make people wonder how insecure you may be or how in love with yourself you might be. The former suggests dating you will be hard work and the latter that you may not have enough room in your heart to really love a lover.
  1. Frequent attention seeking status updates suggest you’re going to need a lot of reassurance and that perhaps you’re not that mentally stable if you’re seeking out such needs in such a public forum.
  1. If you have a new partner every month and gush publicly over every one, people may think you’re desperate and unsure of what a real, healthy relationship is like. These warning signs may be heeded by admirers.
  1. If you talk negatively about people in your life, even if in that most “subtle” way of sharing a quote that leaves everyone wondering if that dig is aimed at them, you’re announcing there may be trouble ahead and dirty laundry may be aired if they date you.
  1. Posting too many similar images of your child, pet, outfit, etc, tells people you’re bored or unhealthily self-absorbed. There’s a whole world out there and if all your purpose in life seems to be one thing in your life that you constantly ram down people’s throats, it can suggest a lack of maturity, boredom, and perhaps an egocentric view of the world.
  1. Talking negatively, voicing snap judgements or sharing ignorant views, whether racist, sexist, ageist or not, announces that dating you will drain energy, that you’ll be tough to negotiate compromises with as a partner, and that your views may tarnish their reputation by way of association.
  1. Repeatedly posting images of the “amazing” life you have actually tells the world something is amiss in your life.  Happy people are mostly happily living their lives, not worrying about constantly telling or proving it to the world.