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7 Rules For Finding Your Ideal Mate

By April 20, 2012Blog
finding your ideal mate

You want to find the ideal mate.  You are longing for the perfect relationship.  You are longing for companionship.  What’s stopping you from finding them?  Let’s have a look at a few key pointers.

Rule #1

There is no Mr or Mrs Perfect.  I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect; don’t expect anyone to be perfect.

Rule #2

The person you want to meet may well be in front of you but until you undress your ideal image that you have concocted and look under the layers at which qualities are really important, you may not find your ideal mate.  Don’t focus on the superficial.  The build, the hair colour, the skin colour, the shoes they own (Iadies) and the underwear size (gents), mean nothing at all if you want to find the one for you.

Rule #3

Be clear on your own morals and values when seeking potential suitors.  These are the things that gel us together and these are the things that will matter if and when you have children.


Be clear on how you want your partner to fit in with your family and friends, if you care to maintain a relationship with them throughout your lifetime.  If you have to lead a double life, it won’t be worth it.  It will cause heartache and anguish for all those concerned.

Rule #5

Believe you will find “the one”.  Really believe it.  If you don’t, you won’t truly go looking and you’ve then less chance of finding it.

Rule #6

Don’t be afraid to let people match make you.  It’s simply an introduction.

Rule #7

Don’t be afraid to approach potential suitors.  Go after what you want, if you don’t someone else might!


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