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10 First Date Tips For Him and Her

By May 29, 2012Blog
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Undoubtedly, men and women look for different things when out on the dating scene.  These tips will help you get off on the right foot with that potential life-long partner when you’re on your first date together.  This article is a bit of light-hearted advice but the tips are useful for those looking for some direction.  Whilst this stuff is mostly common sense, sometimes you just need a checklist to keep you on track.  

For Him…

Be confident.  Remember, confidence is not arrogance.  People generally don’t like arrogance but women do like a confident man.  It can be incredibly attractive.

Let her know you find her attractive.  The “treat ‘em mean keep ‘em keen” approach is a very risky one and not one that many mature women will appreciate.

Take charge in a caring way.  Let the lady know you care enough to organise the date.  Decide where to go, book a table, etc.  This also allows her to relax more which will only help your rendezvous.

If you can afford to, pay for her on that first date.  Make your first date affordable with paying for both of you in mind.

Make her laugh.  Who doesn’t feel happier after they’ve had a laugh!  She’ll associate those good feelings with being with you.

Ask her questions about herself.  Actively listen to her answers and let her know that you are by responding with sentences that convey you have heard and understood her.

Be attentive to her needs and feelings.  Again, it shows you care.

Women often assess a man’s appearance and odour.  Too much effort can be a turn off for many women, though some do like the preened look; too little effort shows you couldn’t care less.  By aiming for somewhere in between you make a safe bet.

Make your first date venue (indoors or outdoors) a place that’s conducive to having a conversation.  If you don’t get to know each other, you may waste time and money going on a second date or, inversely, you may not book a second date when you actually would have hit it off under the right circumstances.

Make sure she gets home safe, even if that just means you ensure she gets safely into a taxi before you part ways.

For Her…                                   

Be confident and smile.  Men like confident women and a smile goes a long way.

Be relaxed and laid back, don’t be high maintenance.  It’s not cool, it’s a turn-off.

Let him be a gentleman by opening doors for you, carrying things for you, etc.  Men like to feel like men and women like to feel like women, at least some of the time if not all of the time.

Have a laugh with him.  Men love women with a good sense of humour.  Male humour tends to be quite cheeky.  When he can jest with you in a way similar to how he behaves with his mates, he’ll be very pleased.

Show your appreciation of anything he does that demonstrates his good traits.

Compliment him.  Everyone likes a genuine compliment.

Ask him questions about himself.  Actively listen to his answers and let him know that you are by responding appropriately.

Be reasonable in what you let him pay for, i.e. order things that you would be willing to pay for yourself.  He’ll know you’re not just out to use him.

Flirt with him in an elegant way.  Men like to be flirted with but they don’t want to date someone who acts like they’re working for tips.  Keep it natural, ladylike and feminine, even if you’re a bit tomboy-ish at heart.

Let him ask you for a second date.  Let him chase you a little.  If he can’t be bothered, it’s not likely to turn into a long-term relationship.

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