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Are You Really?

By April 15, 2012Blog
number one

What do you mean you’re number one?  Number one in the country?  Really?  How did you arrive at that conclusion?  Where is the research?  Is there even any research to give credence to your claims?

When companies and entrepreneurs state that they are “number one” in their industry or niche, what does this make you think?  More exaggerated hype or just a plain lie?

If such a statement is not true, it is not as tolerable as it once was to make such a claim.  There was a time when companies could get away with this even if it wasn’t true because there were fewer competitors and if such a claim was made, people generally believed it to be true.  Now, with an abundance of opportunity, thanks to the internet and other innovations, the number of businesses and self-employed people has increased massively.  As a result, it seems there are now more entrepreneurs and organisations calling themselves “number one” than ever before which only poses the question in our minds: are you really?

Consumers are now more likely to think to themselves, how do you know that to be true when there are so many other people providing the same product/service as you?  How can you categorically make such a sweeping statement?

This is a real turn-off.  If your branding suggests you are a liar, we don’t want to know what’s behind the glossy exterior because you’ve now lost our trust.  We didn’t want to carry these negative feelings towards you but you didn’t exactly steer our perception of you towards a better direction.

If you are number one and you have robust, up-to-date information to suggest you are, then great!  If not, don’t let this one simple mistake let you down.  You may believe you are number one and that’s fantastic because that self-belief will get you far and for that I am very happy for you.  However, if you do not have evidence to support this claim, keep it to yourself.  Let it fuel your own excitement about your future, but don’t let it hinder your success.

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