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British expats sometimes want to speak to someone who understands their cultural background, upbringing, manner of speaking, humour, and their outlook, more naturally.

Being a British expat means sometimes you want to connect with someone where there is an unspoken understanding of how you think and feel based on your British culture and mentality, so that you can spend more energy and time focusing on where you need your coach’s help, rather than having to explain minute details to get on a good level of understanding.

Skype coaching for British expats is often a life line of sorts.  It allows the expat to feel they still have the support they need in a format that is familiar, even though they’re living in foreign lands.

Reasons British Expats Get My Coaching Help

I frequently get contacted to help expats or English speaking people living abroad because connecting with a coach from their homeland, or one that speaks their mother tongue, is often an important criterion.  It instantly removes some of the mental blocks they feel they have or a coach local to them might have.

Interestingly, I notice that British expats who are originally from close to where I’ve been born, bred and am still based, South Manchester, are especially drawn to contacting me.  I feel this is sometimes due to more than just my expertise; it’s also due to that ultimate feeling of familiarity.  A northern girl from near their northern roots equals a bridged gap.

Relationship Coaching for British Expats via Skype

It’s quite common for Brits living abroad to start romantic relationships with people native to that land or with those from other countries who have also made this foreign land their home.

What this can bring is a further complication because now you are not only blending your British culture with the culture of where you’re residing, but also the culture of your lover.

For some this is a walk in the park but for others this can result in a bumpy road littered with misunderstandings, false assumptions and different attitudes and perceptions.

Whether you’re dating, cohabiting or married, Skype coaching with or without your partner could be the life line you or your relationship needs.

Dating Coaching for British Expats via Skype

Dating in a land with customs different to your own adds an extra challenge on top of any other existing challenges you’re already facing in the world of dating.  Cultural differences, communication challenges, different norms and expectations, all affect the dating life of a British expat.  Skype coaching enables you to navigate your way in this doubly foreign terrain.

Confidence Coaching for British Expats via Skype

Confidence and self-esteem affect our achievements in all aspects of life, relationships, career, health and more.  Cross-culturally, ideas about confidence and self-esteem can be varied so a fellow Brit can help expats to address their confidence or self-esteem via Skype coaching based on a framework that may be greater aligned to their own upbringing and outlook.

Life Direction Coaching for British Expats via Skype

Some people traverse the world, settle down in foreign lands, make it their home and enjoy their life much more than they were doing at home.  What happens, though, when you come to a cross-road and you’re not sure if your career is still right for you and/or whether your new homeland is still right for you?  Do you stay or do you go?  Do you forge a new career where you are, take your career to another country or back to the UK, or do you not know if it’s the career or the country that’s making you feel dissatisfied with life.

So many questions with so few clear-cut answers can be mind-boggling.

Skype coaching allows you to gain the clarity and learn the practical steps you need to take to get you travelling down the right road for you, whether that’s right where you are living as a British expat or somewhere else.

A little bit about me

I’ve coached CEO’s, managing directors, small business owners, police staff, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, HR professionals, housewives, counsellors, corporate executives, ex-athletes, a renowned scientist, solicitors, and many, many more titles.

I frequently work as an expert for big brands and media, I am a BBC contributor, and am the published author of these popular self-help books on relationships and mental health: Resilient Me; Anxiety Free; Happy Relationships.

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What Clients Are Saying

“I had 3 coaching sessions with Sam. Sam has been fantastic, great listener, very sympathetic and gave me practical advice on dating/ relationships. Each session gave me goals / objectives. As a result I feel more positive and confident, my work and general outlook has improved, I am not stressed about future. I feel I will achieve my dreams / goals. I have no hesitation in recommending Sam.”  Coaching Client

“My husband and I were living different lives! We didn’t get along as partners and we didn’t get along as family! So I decided it was time to seek for help or go separate ways…my husband says that Sam was the best thing that could happen to our family!”  Coaching Client

“I found Sam after seeing a few therapists for feelings of anxiety.

“I found her approach to be both supportive and directive in terms of the guidance she gave me. I felt comforted and respected whilst Sam challenged my limiting beliefs and helped me see things differently.

“I feel great, much more able to move forward with my life. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking for a logic based, down to earth approach to solving an issue or improving a situation. Thanks again Sam!”  Coaching Client

”  Coaching Client

“I must admit I was apprehensive, not to mention tearful, but talking my goals through with Sam gave me focus, the motivation to move my life forwards and led me to identify opportunities to fix what wasn’t working. In just 4 sessions over 2 months my life, and most importantly how I feel about myself, is a world away from when I started.”  Coaching Client

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