Relationship Quotes by a Relationships Coach

“Being family doesn’t mean you get an automatic pass into someone’s life.  You have to earn your place there.”  Sam Owen

“Words only carry meaning up to a certain point.  It is then the action, or lack thereof, that carries your words forward into significance or insignificance.”  Sam Owen

“We need to ensure those in our lives deserve a place there.”  Sam Owen

“You always convey through your verbal and non-verbal communication, and your actions, what you expect and are willing to accept.”  Sam Owen

“Your mind should be actively involved in creating the current and future experiences that you want. You cannot create happy, healthy relationships on auto-pilot.”  Sam Owen

“Spend quality one on one time with each person you care for. Don’t confuse spending time together in a group as quality one-on-one time.”  Sam Owen

“People who create negativity in their life will create negativity in your life. Therefore, if you have to spend time with them, minimise this as much as possible.”  Sam Owen

“How you and your relationships evolve is dependent upon you and the choices you make. ”  Sam Owen

“When you want to build a relationship with someone, you have to give a bit of yourself to connect to people on a deeper level.”  Sam Owen

“The experience of living the life you have always dreamed of far outweighs the momentary pleasure derived from blaming other people and other factors. To progress anything, your career, your wealth, your health or your relationships, ownership is the key. You are the driving force behind your own life experience.”  Sam Owen

“Your relationships with yourself and others will improve when you release the excuses that are holding you back.”  Sam Owen

“In your relationships, work at growing together so you don’t grow apart.”  Sam Owen

“Actions always speak louder than words, even if they are masked under words stating otherwise.”  Sam Owen

“When someone that you have an important relationship with begins to behave in a way that is unappealing, remember that you are responsible for enforcing your relationship rules by either opposing or reinforcing that behaviour.”  Sam Owen

“The repetition and consistency in your response is what creates a change in someone else’s behaviour.”  Sam Owen

“If we miss the non-verbal signs and actions of someone’s compassion, we may miss the opportunity to have a rewarding relationship with them. If you care enough about someone you owe it to them and yourself to search hard for the signs of true love.”  Sam Owen

“Dissolve your jealousy of others by doing what it takes to become deeply satisfied with your own life.”  Sam Owen

“When you change and grow as a person and when you become successful, you will find out who your friends are and who your “friends” are. The latter will find you if they want to.”  Sam Owen

“Set your ego aside when you want to build a healthy relationship with someone, lest you stumble into a ditch because of it.”  Sam Owen

“In life and in business, people care first and foremost about the relationship they have with you. Everything else is secondary.”  Sam Owen

“There is a direct correlation between the success of your relationship with yourself and the success of your relationships with others.”  Sam Owen