As a life coach near Stockport, I help clients who come to me for results, usually in one of the following areas: relationships, anxiety, confidence, life direction, and dating.  If you’re searching for ‘life coach stockport’ alongside or as an alternative to ‘counsellor stockport’ or ‘psychotherapist stockport’ then you came to the right place.

Most of my clients achieve their coaching goals in just 2-6 sessions, including those who come with long-standing, chronic issues.

I have been running my private life coaching practice near Stockport since I first began in spring 2012 – first in Wilmslow, then in Bramhall, and now back in Wilmslow.

As a life coach, I help people with issues that they might ordinarily seek out counselling for such as relationships, divorce, mental health. However, some seek out a life coach for life direction when they become stuck in life and feel unsure of which way to go, and in some instances, unsure of why they’re even feeling stuck in the first place.

A reason local people search the web for ‘life coach stockport’ is that they want a proactive, solution-focused approach, where they can work with someone who provides practical tools and techniques and produce relatively much quicker results than they see themselves achieving with traditional therapy.

As a relationship and life coach who initially began training as a counsellor, I provide the helpful aspects of counselling and life coaching to help clients in a future-focused, uplifting way.

What Can Seeing A Life Coach In Stockport, Help With?

Specifically, anxiety, confidence & self-esteem, relationships, divorce & break-upsdating, and life direction.  If you want to see more detailed information on the experiences of others, before and after relationship and life coaching with myself, check out what some clients have shared on the testimonials page.  They will help you to see a little clearer how they felt coming into life coaching and the rewards they’ve reaped.  Some of them I coached in Stockport.

The thing that I love about working with people as a coach, is that I am able to offer simple solutions that really work and I am not limited by one approach or the other, I can simply use the approach that I know will work for each client, however integrated and dynamic that approach needs to be.

The life coaching environment when working with me: I am directive when the client needs me to be, non-directive when it’s best for the client’s personal growth, use the ideal conditions of a therapeutic relationship which helps the client to develop and grow in a safe, non-judgemental, empathetic, confidential environment, and I use up-to-date research.  All of this, coupled with my training and passion for helping my fellow men and women, helps me to help clients achieve their goals astoundingly quickly.

Where Can Clients Have Life Coaching near Stockport?

If you’re feeling fed up, sad or stuck, and are ready to do something about it, book now or get in touch with your questions.

Life coaching near Stockport takes place in strict confidence in Wilmslow, Cheshire. The practice concierge won’t even have your name. It’s very convenient to get to using the A34 bypass and, depending on where in Stockport you are coming from, the M60.

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