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As a life coach in Cheshire I work with coaching clients face-to-face in Wilmslow and also via Skype video if preferred. I help most clients in 2-6 sessions.

People come to see me for life coaching in Cheshire to significantly improve one or more relationship with themselves and others, and/or their mental health and well-being. This means people typically come for help with relationships (personal or business), dating, anxiety, confidence, self-esteem, life direction and important decision making.

I used a science-based approach that also combines logic, intuition, and a results-driven focus.

My life coaching is a way for you to achieve clarity and change in a solution-focused, proactive way so that you achieve the goals you are pursuing.

Here are links to some of the core client issues I help with, topics I frequently discuss on TV, radio and in magazines and newspapers:

Reasons People Choose A Life Coach Instead

By seeking out a life coach instead of a counsellor or psychotherapist, chances are you’re a proactive person in general, or at least in that state of mind right now. Perhaps you’ve seen counsellors in Cheshire and feel like it helped to a point but hasn’t helped you to reach the end goals you sought out a professional for, or perhaps you have found the counselling/psychotherapy format just wasn’t for you.

As a life coach I frequently help people in the Cheshire area who have reached the point where they feel, ‘Enough is enough, I’ve go to do something about this.’

Often clients reach that point of frustration due to long-standing anxiety, relationship problems, depression or low self-esteem. Sometimes they’ve been going through a divorce, other times they’re feeling stuck and directionless, others are desperate to overcome confidence issues that plague some or all aspects of their life.

You set the agenda for your sessions so you get to explore what you want to explore. We will deal with issues at their root cause. We won’t obsess over problems; instead we’ll focus more on what you can do in the present to achieve your relationship, mental health, and life goals.

I use a combination of skilful questioning, sharing expert insights, using my intuition, and suggesting tasks/strategies (practical solutions you’re happy to utilise) that will help you to make fast progress. The practical side is usually fun and often easy.

I am very passionate about helping others to be happy and healthy and helping them to achieve their goals in as few sessions as possible.

I provide compassion, optimism, empathy, expertise, and practical tools/strategies that work.

My coaching clients find that the progress they make is much more rapid than they ever expected and achieve things they were afraid might be impossible, like ridding their life of anxiety, increasing their self-esteem, or finding someone to spend their life with.

As a life coach in Cheshire, I see clients in person from around Cheshire, Greater Manchester and even further afield for those who simply want to get help from me in person rather than via Skype video.  I do have clients who sometimes travel a distance for this. Other clients actually live in Cheshire or Manchester and still opt for Skype video coaching sessions. Just pick whichever feels right for you and your needs.

If you want to work with a life coach in Cheshire, in-person or via Skype video, then get in touch with your questions or simply buy a package and I will be in touch.

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About me

I’ve had my private Cheshire life coaching practice since spring 2012.

I’ve coached CEO’s, managing directors, small business owners, police staff, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, HR professionals, housewives, counsellors, corporate executives, ex-athletes, a renowned scientist, solicitors, and many, many more titles.

My life coaching is proactive, science-based, solution-focused, compassionate, non-judgmental and uplifting.

I have been coaching clients for 9 years, I am a BBC contributor, I frequently work as an expert for big brands and media, and am the published author of these popular self-help books on relationships and mental health: Resilient Me, Anxiety Free, Happy Relationships.

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