Depression help in the form of coaching helps those experiencing at least some of the symptoms below.  Clients tend to opt for this method of depression help, rather than counselling, for three major reasons.  Some have not entirely liked the counselling experience.  Some have found it useful to a point but have now reached a plateau in their progress.  Others simply prefer the idea of depression help being a proactive, solution-focused approach that produces much faster results for overcoming depression.

When it comes to depression help, some people would be very averse to going for traditional therapy yet are willing to partner with someone like a coach, for getting insights and practical help.  If you feel your personality is better suited to a coaching partnership and your experiencing some of the symptoms below, then get in touch.  Many coaches don’t help with depression but I have done on numerous occassions and it’s incredibly rewarding to help with something that is so challenging for my clients.

Symptoms of Depression

  • Ongoing low moods
  • Feeling hopeless and helpless
  • Disengaged from your thoughts and emotions
  • Feeling completely stuck in a rut
  • Not enjoying life
  • Affecting your relationships or career
  • On antidepressants
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns
  • Feeling disinterested in most things
  • Low self-esteem

Depression Help Through Coaching

  • Depression coaching clients achieve mental health and happiness in about 6-12 sessions
  • You’ll get psychological help and practical solutions.
  • You’ll be able to come off anti-depressants.
  • You’ll be able to think clearly for yourself instead of feeling “foggy”.
  • You will come off auto-pilot and become self-aware and introspective.
  • You will learn about yourself enabling you to make much better decisions going forward, all of which will make you so much happier.
  • You will feel alive again.
  • You will feel in control of your life and happiness.
  • You’ll recognise which habits serve you and which don’t.
  • You’ll realise how to repair struggling relationships and how to achieve mental health and wellbeing.
  • You’ll become competent at using all coaching tools and techniques at will, without prompts from a professional.
  • You’ll feel equipped to confidently go after the life you want.

Coaching Testimonials

“I really can not thank you enough for the sessions, they have turned my life around in a way I never expected, and as you say on the site I will take so much away from them for life!” – Coaching Client

“I must admit I was apprehensive, not to mention tearful, but talking my goals through with Sam gave me focus, the motivation to move my life forwards and led me to identify opportunities to fix what wasn’t working. In just 4 sessions over 2 months my life, and most importantly how I feel about myself, is a world away from when I started.” – Coaching Client

“My husband and I were living different lives! We didn’t get along as partners and we didn’t get along as family! So I decided it was time to seek for help or go separate ways…my husband says that Sam was the best thing that could happen to our family!” – Coaching Client

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