Counselling Stockport Alternative: Coaching

An alternative to counselling in Stockport is available in the form of coaching.  Many who seek out Stockport based counselling services will also check out coaching professionals locally in or around Stockport as there are similarities but also distinct differences.

My coaching approach is a solution-focused, proactive method which usually produces much faster results for clients and in much fewer sessions!

Some people search for counselling for one of the following reasons when actually they would prefer coaching but just don’t know that the option is available for things like: unhappiness, depression, anxiety, confidence, weight loss, life direction, relationships, and career.

Sadly, for many people, a life slightly out of balance yesterday can snowball into a life very much out of balance today and tomorrow.  As such, some people search for counselling but would actually prefer coaching because it can mean quicker results.

Why did you search for ‘Counselling in Stockport’?

Do you feel unable to see your way out of the rut that you’re in? Is it your relationship or marriage that you’re seeking a counsellor for? Or is it your mental health and well-being? Or is it your career goals or life direction? With my coaching approach, I help most clients with counselling type issues in just 2-6 sessions.

When you put the effort in, you will achieve a great deal during and between sessions. This is because of my approach during sessions and because I will give you exercises/tasks/strategies to help you to achieve your goals fairly easily and maintain helpful changes in your life.

Consequently, you’ll need fewer sessions and you’ll achieve more, quicker…as long as you take coaching with me seriously, i.e. put the effort in. Which nearly all clients do. And it’s really quite enjoyable for the most part, because you feel empowered, clear and optimistic.

My coaching style is compassionate, non-judgemental, and uplifting. It’s solution focused and we work at resolving issues at the root cause. Hence the lasting changes my clients achieve.

Here are pages dedicated to specialist areas of coaching I help with (it’s okay if you are on antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs, currently, some of my clients are when they start coaching:

If you have been considering counselling in or near Stockport, maybe this local counselling alternative will help you more. This counselling alternative, coaching, helps local clients get face-to-face coaching nearby in Wilmslow, (just down the A34 bypass from many different parts of Stockport).

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