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Life is all about relationships.
Improve yours, today.

Most clients achieve their coaching goals in just 4-12 sessions!
You’ll make fundamental changes within yourself and your relationships.
You’ll invest in coaching once, but take tools away for life!

Relationship Coaching available face-to-face and via Skype.

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Common issues clients seek my help with

Improve your relationships with yourself and others


Many people don’t realise how quickly they can resolve chronic anxiety problems. If your life is being affected by yours, find out how coaching can help you.

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Confidence & Self-esteem

Your relationships, health, career, success, and wealth, are all determined by your self-esteem and confidence. Change your life for the better like these other clients have.

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Our relationships can be the source of the most intense pain or the most immense pleasure. I help people achieve the latter with simple, common sense solutions!

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Divorce can be very painful but many people do happily marry again once they’ve overcome the heartache of divorce. I help clients overcome the misery and can help you, too.

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I successfully help people overcome depression, many of them have tried counselling or psychotherapy, some are on antidepressants when we begin coaching. Find out more.

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As Elite Singles’ Partner Psychologist I love sharing tips to help singles find Mr or Mrs Right, many of them 40+. Many clients get my personalised help, read on to find out why.

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My Mission:

To help my clients achieve their coaching goals in as few sessions as possible, in a positive and uplifting environment.

Some of my media clients

A small selection of some of the companies I've shared my relationship expertise with

BBC Breakfast
ITV This Morning
BBC Radio
Kimberley Clark
The Telegraph
OK! Magazine

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Relationship Blog

Full of helpful insights, research and advice on relationships and related topics

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Relationship Coaching

What it is and how it can help you

Relationship coaching is solution focused. With the help of your coach, you establish what you want to achieve through coaching, assess the situation you are currently in, and what you can do to move away from your current unsatisfying situation, towards your desired goals.

Your coach will positively help you to overcome any obstacles that are preventing you from having the successful relationships and life that you dream of. Sam Owen is incredibly skilled at identifying what’s holding people back and has lots of tools, skills and insights she can help you to utilise, in order to achieve your ideal relationships and life.

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Relationship Coaching

"I really can not thank you enough for the sessions, they have turned my life around in a way I never expected, and as you say on the site I will take so much away from them for life!"

− Coaching Client

"I must admit I was apprehensive, not to mention tearful, but talking my goals through with Sam gave me focus, the motivation to move my life forwards and led me to identify opportunities to fix what wasn’t working. In just 4 sessions over 2 months my life, and most importantly how I feel about myself, is a world away from when I started."

− Coaching Client

"My husband and I were living different lives! We didn't get along as partners and we didn't get along as family! So I decided it was time to seek for help or go separate ways! I found Sam on Internet and called her! My husband wasn't happy about it as he was saying: 'I am not telling my problems to a stranger'! But as we started sessions with Sam, she knew how to get to him, so he started to talk and he said things I didn't expect! She never said you have to do this or you have to say that, but she was guiding us so we found the answers to our problems! We had 7 sessions ( didn't even need the 8th) and our lives as a partners and family has completely changed! We still have some arguments but they are not what it was, because we know how to talk to each other, we listen each other and we understand each other! And now even my husband says that Sam was the best thing that could happen to our family!"

− Coaching Client

"I would highly recommend coaching with Sam. I truly believe I would still have been floundering without engaging her as my coach. It has been a valuable and worthwhile investment in me."

− Coaching Client
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