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Your relationships, your happiness.

Most clients achieve their coaching goals in just 3-12 sessions, many in just 3.
You’ll make fundamental changes within yourself and your relationships.
You’ll invest in coaching once, but take tools away for life!

Relationship Coaching Available Face-to-Face and via Skype.

Common issues clients seek my help with

Improve your relationships with yourself and others


Our relationships can be the source of the most intense pain or the most immense pleasure. I help people achieve the latter with simple, highly effective solutions!

Relationship Help


Most people want to find their Mr or Mrs Right and some need personalised help with their specific challenges.  Many of my dating coaching clients can be anywhere between the ages of 29 and 70.

Dating Help


Many people don’t realise how quickly they can resolve chronic anxiety problems and improve multiple aspects of their life. If your life is being affected by yours, coaching could help you.

Anxiety Help

Confidence & Self-esteem

Your relationships, health, career, success, and wealth, are all determined by your self-esteem and confidence. Change your life for the better like these other clients have.

Confidence Help

My Mission:

To help my clients achieve their coaching goals in as few sessions as possible, in a positive and uplifting environment.

Happy Media & Brand Clients

A few of the companies I've shared my relationship expertise with

BBC Breakfast

ITV This Morning

BBC Radio

Kimberley Clark


The Telegraph


OK! Magazine

Relationship Blog

Full of helpful insights, research and advice on relationships and related topics

Relationship Coaching

What it is and how it can help you

Relationship coaching and life coaching is solution-focused and future-focused.  With my help, you’ll establish what you want to achieve through coaching and what, specifically, has been preventing you from achieving those very goals. My approach combines neuropsychology, behavioural psychology, coaching techniques, counselling skills and modern research…and it works!  You’ll be given a vast array of tools, skills and insights that I will help you to utilise in order to achieve your ideal relationships and life.  With my experienced guidance you’ll take simple, yet incredibly effective, proactive steps to move away from your current unsatisfying situation towards your desired goals.

As your coach I will wholeheartedly help you to overcome any obstacles that are preventing you from having the successful relationships and life that you want.  I am incredibly skilled at quickly identifying the psychological, neurological and behavioural barriers that are holding each of my clients back, and this is something you will notice when you have your free consultation.  Many of my clients start transforming their lives after just 2-4 sessions.  Most will book an initial free consultation because only then can they really get to grips with the effectiveness of coaching.

Get Started

Relationship Coaching

"I really can not thank you enough for the sessions, they have turned my life around in a way I never expected, and as you say on the site I will take so much away from them for life!"

− Coaching Client

"I must admit I was apprehensive, not to mention tearful, but talking my goals through with Sam gave me focus, the motivation to move my life forwards and led me to identify opportunities to fix what wasn’t working. In just 4 sessions over 2 months my life, and most importantly how I feel about myself, is a world away from when I started."

− Coaching Client

"My husband and I were living different lives! We didn't get along as partners and we didn't get along as family! So I decided it was time to seek for help or go separate ways...my husband says that Sam was the best thing that could happen to our family!"

− Coaching Client

"Sam coached us brilliantly, she was able to balance various techniques to challenge and convince us to improve ourselves and our lives. We were difficult customers but she persevered. Thanks Sam! A wholehearted and hugely grateful recommendation from me."

− Coaching Client