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Counselling in Wilmslow or life coaching?  Which is really the right option for you?  The success-minded people of Wilmslow often prefer coaching to counselling because of its proactive, solution-focused, goal-focused approach.

With this alternative to counselling I help people to overcome issues, often long-standing issues, in mostly just 2-6 sessions. Clients come to me for quick and lasting results and a warm, uplifting experience.

Here are links to some of the main areas I help with to give you some more detail on each, including a little about my approach and why you might be considering those forms of coaching:

Whether you have tried counselling or not, are on antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication, have had concerns for a long time or feel like all the self-help books in the world haven’t helped, sometimes the only way to really resolve some major issues is to have a confidential space where you can openly explore what’s bothering you with a skilled professional.

Of course, try talking to loved ones who you trust wholeheartedly. But if you find they are too biased, giving advice that is making you uncomfortable or confused, or just telling you what they think you want to hear rather than what you need to hear, then it’s worth getting some coaching, in Wilmslow or online (via video calls), to get yourself to the place you want to be in.

So, if you’re looking for effective counselling type help in or near Wilmslow, or via Skype or Zoom, get in touch with any queries you have, or buy a package (below). I love helping my clients and commit wholeheartedly to helping them produce rapid results.

The relationship between the coach and client is a much more egalitarian one so you feel empowered.  It also does not carry the negative connotation that counselling can for some, as it suggests you are proactively partnering with a professional coach in order to achieve your goals, much like a sports coach or vocal coach.

A little about me

My name is Sam Owen, I have been coaching clients in my private practice since 2012.

I am the published author of three popular self-help books (with Orion Publishing, Hachette):

  • Resilient Me: How to worry less and achieve more – ‘4 weeks to inner strength’
  • Anxiety Free: How to trust yourself and feel calm– ‘4 weeks to inner peace’
  • Happy Relationships: 7 simple rules to create harmony and growth – ‘4 weeks to a happier us

I use a science-based, solution-focused, results driven approach. I’m compassionate, intuitive and down-to-earth.

I have a reputation for helping people with even long-standing, chronic issues in a relatively short space of time. Check out my testimonials for a few words from some of my coaching clients.

I frequently work as an expert for big brands and media. And should you want to get a sense of my personality, view some of the videos on my  YouTube channel.

Clients who wish to have coaching sessions in person, see me at the lovely, bright, airy practice in the centre of Wilmslow. Others, even if they live in or near Wilmslow, buy Skype video sessions for the convenience.

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Relationship coach, dating coach, confidence coach, anxiety coach, and published author of 'Resilient Me', 'Anxiety Free' and 'Happy Relationships', Sam Owen
Resilient Me by Sam Owen - self-help book
Anxiety Free by Sam Owen - self-help book
Happy Relationships by Sam Owen - self-help book

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