Life coaching is a solution-focused process.

Life coaching focuses on talking and doing, not just talking (as might be the case with counselling or psychotherapy).

When you want to fix something, you need to spend time looking at the problems and the solutions and taking action on the solutions.

Life coaching helps you to understand how your mind is functioning.  Your coach will help you to identify which mental barriers you have in place that are preventing you from achieving your goals and being happy.  When you want to make some changes in your life, and want a more hands-on approach, life coaching is a very sensible choice because you have somebody to hold you accountable whilst you implement any relevant changes; someone to support, encourage and re-direct you if you get off track; someone to guide you and give you practical tools.

In the life coaching relationship between client and coach, the client is guided towards finding the answers for him or herself.  Coaching is about you growing as a person and becoming empowered, i.e. in control of your own life.  People are often proud of the fact that they have a life coach, because it essentially tells the world that they are serious about personal change and growth and self-improvement.

Life Coach ManchesterDifferent coaches help with different things and given I am a psychologist and coach, it probably explains why I frequently help with the following issues:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Relationship Counselling
  3. Depression
  4. Dating
  5. Self-Esteem/Confidence
  6. Divorce
  7. Life Direction

I help people to get out of a rut and start moving their life in the direction they desire.

I help my clients to achieve their goals.

I help my clients to become happy.

Using a life coach can be one of the best and quickest catalysts for achieving goals!

I help most of my clients in just 3-6 sessions so if you want help that doesn’t go on for a ridiculous number of sessions and you want to learn a huge amount about yourself and how the brain, mind and body function, get in touch to discuss your needs and goals.  Enquire now.

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