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I help local people in Bramhall looking for relationship counselling of some form, to become happy and healthy by helping them to improve their relationship, prevent divorce or gain clarity about whether or not they see a future with their partner or spouse.

Why is relationship counselling frequently sought out? Well, it’s tough these days. We feel under societal pressure to have it all, be a breadwinner and parent, husband and wife, fit, slim, wealthy and have time for others and ourselves. It’s a lot and it’s easy to neglect certain areas of life.

Unfortunately, most people don’t recognise the important things they have neglected until the negative effects are quite pronounced. Of course, by then, we feel quite miserable about this sudden realisation and we feel overwhelmed. When you get that far into a problem, it can be difficult to see a way out.

Is Relationship Counselling For You?

In Bramhall, there are varied forms of relationship counselling that you can now go for, counselling/psychotherapy or coaching.  Whilst the more traditional talking therapies tend to focus on the talking, relationship coaching focuses on the talking and the doing.  It’s one of the reasons for its success as an approach to problems and anxieties.  After all, we can talk plenty about problems and solutions but it’s the taking action on solutions that is going to get you out of this miserable rut, and help you to achieve the future you want.

During coaching we do look at the psychology of what’s going on, we definitely explore the emotions, we certainly look to the past to learn invaluable lessons, but we focus most on what we can do here and now in the present, in order to achieve our ideal future. There is no point in prolonged dwelling in the past.  Often, all that does is create more of those problems in the present!

Coaching is an effective, fast working alternative to relationship counselling. My coaching integrates approaches and insights from psychology, counselling, research and coaching.  Its approach means that you are less likely to feel miserable and bewildered though the coaching process and more likely to feel increasingly in control and hopeful. Here are some testimonials from previous clients.

Where Can You Get This Form Of Relationship Help?

If you have been considering getting relationship counselling or other help, and if you’re based in Bramhall or elsewhere in Stockport or nearby, I now see clients for face-to-face coaching in the centre of Wilmslow, rather than Bramhall. I was seeing clients in Bramhall but the practice in Wilmslow is close by and within easy reach of Bramhall by road or train. The practice is also better suited to coaching as the rooms are large, airy, bright and uplifting.

About Me

I have a reputation for helping my coaching clients in London and all over the world, overcome long-standing, chronic issues in usually just 2-6 coaching sessions.I am the author of the three popular published books, ‘Resilient Me’, ‘Anxiety Free’ and ‘Happy Relationships’.

I have been coaching clients since spring 2012. First in Wilmslow, then in Bramhall, and now back in Wilmslow, and also via Skype video.

I’ve helped all sorts of people including CEO’s, managing directors, small business owners, police staff, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, HR professionals, housewives, counsellors, corporate executives, ex-athletes, a renowned scientist, solicitors, and many more titles.

I am a BBC contributor and I frequently work as an expert for big brands and media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines).

I love helping people, and I look forward to helping you, too.

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