Counselling in Poynton vs Life Coaching in Poynton

Your search for counselling help in or around Poynton could be the decision that is going to turn your current life around, as distant as that may seem right now.

You’re likely looking for counselling type help, whether counselling, psychotherapy, CBT or coaching, because you have decided that enough is enough, you just want to move on from this phase of life that you’re in, however long you may have been there.

The reason clients come to me is that I provide a very solution-focused service that produces real, long-lasting results as you’ll make fundamental changes to the way you manage your mental health, your relationships and your life in general.

Most of my clients only need 2-6 sessions and receive support between their sessions if they urgently need it, too.

I have quite a varied client base and here are just some of the reasons clients come to me for fast, effective help:

  • Suffering from anxiety or depressive moods, including those currently on anti-depressants.
  • For help dealing with divorce or a relationship break-up.
  • Suffering from stress or a stress-related illness.
  • Feeling stuck in life, and wanting to do something about it.
  • Looking to “find the one” to spend their life and feeling they need some help.
  • Suffering from low self-esteem or confidence issues.
  • A desire to save their relationship or marriage (and prevent divorce).

The above fall into one of the four specialist areas I help with. On these pages you will find more specific information about what my coaching will help with, and my approach and a little bit about the other clients I have helped:

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